We are a sparkly, female owned-and-run, kickass-and-take-names team and socially conscious company. (You’d think with a bunch of powerful, professional women buzzing around, we’d be a clashing mess of estrogen infused queen bees. That’s sooooo not the case! These ladies rock!).

Our Bedazzled Mission

“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead, pursue the things you love doing, and do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.” ~Maya Angelou

When I was a little girl, my bedtime stories were never of animals or circuses, sparkly fish or stone soup. I only wanted stories of princesses, of Queens, of women who went from nothing to reigning supreme, or who had everything, lost it, and found a way to gain it all back…and then some!

We are the creators, the storytellers of heroines, of princesses and Queens. We highlight women who are reigning supreme over their bodies and lives. We show the tools they used to go from drab to fab, from slouching to strutting, from boring in the background to standing out center stage. We tell real stories and also use our imagination to create our own. We revel in creativity.

Our mission is for every woman to live authentically in her own sparkly light, proudly in her healthy and fit kingdom (her body), boldly exploring possibility, joyously celebrating with and giving back to her community, Crowned with a genuine gratitude, fierce confidence in herself, living daily with discipline, faith, and courage as she devoutly pursues in her Grand Purpose.

Our Vibrant Vision

How did Crown Yourself come about?

Don’t you want to know what it would feel like to crown yourself the queen of your universe. To have the confidence to stand out from the crowd. To feel beautiful in your body and not just walk, but strut through your life, crowning yourself Miss {Insert Name Here}!

I’ve always been fascinated by royalty, fairy tales, Disney Princess fantasy…and basically all things that glitter. That’s probably why I got into pageants in my teens. Well, that and because I believed that pageants were the only way for me to overcome some serious body image and self esteem issues. Yes, I wanted a crown. But, my bigger motivation was that I believed I needed other people to tell me I was worthy of being crowned. I tortured my body because I didn’t feel I was worthy of feeling like the Queen of my Kingdom. Finally I said, enough!

I gave myself power over my body. After all, your body is the only kingdom you have to live. So, I ripped down the tower walls guarding the true me and found the confidence within, declaring myself Queen of my kingdom, crowning myself.

I believe you can Crown Yourself too! (No,you don’t have to prance around in a bikini or even be an aspiring pageant queen….unless you want to). I will show you how to crown yourself the best Miss {Insert Name Here} you can be and create the fairy tale life you deserve as queen!

You design your kingdom. You design your reign. We’ll help.

We are here to delight, entertain, and sparkle with abundant creativity, from virtually anywhere with passion, playfulness, hustle, and heart, helping you live Crowned.

We believe that in order to reign over your life you must reign over your biz as well, with the same, passion, commitment, courage, drive, and heart-work, according to your Crowned Principles. That’s how we reign over ours, with…

With these, we deliver excellence. We embrace infinite creativity and expression…occasionally through song and interpretive dance. And we love sharing it with you! We love our kingdoms (our bodacious bods) and we will share with you our best info on how to treat your kingdom with the kindness, nutrition, movement, and exercise she deserves.

We’re a little weird, a little whacky, and a delicious personality jubilee.We’re full of team spirit and are cheerleaders for you and each other, treating one another with respect, integrity, and the communication we need to innovate creativity and deliver the best products and services to help you live Crowned. No BS excuses here. Each and every one of us LOVES what we do, and we work in our “Twinkle Territory.”

Our principles create the deep moat of our company, surrounding us, protecting us, and creating a vibrant, diverse kingdom of respect for our fellow kings and queens.

Honor Thy Kingdom. In order to reign over our lives, we must first position our own kingdoms to thrive. We encourage each other to make daily healthful choices from food to fitness. Like on an airplane, you must always put the mask on yourself before saving others. We honor our bodies so we can help our fellow Queens reign over theirs.

Find Your Twinkle Territory. That twinkle in your eye, that spark of imagination, of inspiration. That’s what we strive for everyday. Each person works in the area that ignites their fire, in their area of greatness. That’s why even in times of distress, working in our Twinkle Territory keeps us the ever playful trickster along the path to finding a solution, rather than a martyr to our mistakes or a slave for our paychecks.

No Butts and Cheeks. We use constructive criticism and “yes-and” improv techniques to grow our creativity and build on each other’s ideas, instead of taking a dump on each other’s inspiration. We are all entitled to our opinions, and we state them healthfully and constructively. We encourage you to speak your truth, but D.B.A.A. (Don’t Be an Asshole). More don’t half-ass anything. We use our whole butts here, because we put our all into delivering the best products and services to you Queens. Everything works out in the end, if you put your whole end into it.

No Guts, No Glory. We go with our gut. We tap into our Divine intuition, our creative Source and have faith in the infinite possibilities that arise. We allow for Divine intervention and inspiration. When in doubt, we go with our gut and figure the rest out along the way.

Own Your Impact. You can change the world with a smile. Every moment of our lives we have the ability to change a person’s state with a kind word, or even just a smile. Own your impact.

We can do it, together!

Let’s crown ourselves with the confidence to rock and rule our lives like the queen’s we were born to be. I truly believe that our Creator did not put us on this earth to play small. I’m so thrilled to have you join me! So sign up now to start living your life Crowned.

Our Charity Platform

Like a good pageant girl, we believe that every business should have a charity platform as well as every person. We give 10% of the profits from every product and service you purchase to coaching, mentorship, and apprentice programs for girls, specifically Spark Program L.A. and WriteGirl

How can you contact us?
Shoot us an email at info@crownyourself.com

FAQ's about the Queen Team

Beauty Queens have boogers too.

We’re working on that whole “balance” thing too.

Greens, greens the magical food, the more you eat the better your mood!

We like to celebrate us being champs, with champs (i.e.champagne).

We aren’t perfect. We aren’t even close. But, we strive for excellence everyday.

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