Hello, Gorgeous!

Welcome! I’m Kimberly Spencer.

My goal is to help you reign over your body and your life, so that you can strut your sexy, sparkly self into the fairy tale reality you create. With an entertaining fusion of sass and silliness, I’ll help you unlock your crown jewels of courage, faith, determination, and service, using the principles I learned from nearly ten years of competing in pageants. (Yep, I own it…I’m a pageant girl.)

I’ve created a female-centric, socially-conscious, and kaizen-based company powered by a little glitter and a whole lot of girl power.

A born-n-raised California Valley Girl, I always had a fiery, feminine feel for all things glitzy, girly, and royal. Twirling around in a ball grown or trotting around with my tiara, I thought receiving a crown would define my purpose. That’s why I got into pageants in my teens. Back then, I felt pageants were the only way for me to overcome some serious body image and insecurity issues. Sure, I wanted a crown. But, more importantly I needed other people to tell me I was worthy of a crown. I tortured my body because I didn’t feel I was worthy of feeling like a princess.

After a ten year battle with bulimia, I finally learned the confidence to strut my true self in a bikini (muscles, hips, booty and all) in front of thousands in the Miss CA USA 2010 pageant. I didn’t win the crown, but that moment made me realize I didn’t need to!

Instead, I crowned myself.

I gave myself power over the kingdom of my body. I ripped down the tower walls guarding the true me and found the confidence within. I’m a beauty queen, Miss Congeniality, and a recovered pageant princess. I believe you don’t need a row of judges to determine or validate your worth.

From Recovered Pageant Princess to Queen of My Kingdom!

Because my ever-evolving passions, occasional potty-mouth, well-cultured curves, and quirky random dance moves I don’t quite fit into the conventional Barbie mold of your typical “Pageant Girl.” (I was a size two for about a minute, but then I realized how hungry I really was for more out of life than an obsession over my size.)

Growing up I had constantly changed myself, hiding my truth to fit into the mold other people made for me, so that they would like me. I was letting other people’s perceptions of me, and their definitions of who I was rule my life. That’s when it hit me: why be a Princess, when you can be a Queen?!? Why live by other people’s definition of who they think you should be? Instead, rule your life. Seize your Kingdom.

So, I filled my multi-passionate plate with acting at the prestigious Playhouse West and in various films and TV shows in Hollywood, becoming a certified Pilates instructor and personal trainer, named “Pilates Pro” by Oxygen magazine, writing the hard-core motocross movie, BRO’ starring Danny Trejo, for Lionsgate (which you can find on your Netflix queue), being crowned Miss Congeniality, Miss Valley Village USA, and Miss Norway in the Queen of the Universe Pageant, and penning a future bestseller. No longer do I fit myself into other people’s molds. I make my own, and you can too! I’m a business babe, Pilates Pro, marathon runner, gluten-free writer, car-singer, on camera personality, artist, and sparkly beauty queen, all rolled into one fun-sized package of classy gangster creativity. I believe you must bring your whole-self to all that you do, be it your body or your business, and that finding balance will give you the keys to your kingdom.

You design your reign, I'll help you do it!

From the moment you’re born, you are born as MISS {INSERT YOUR NAME HERE},” and your reign will last the rest of your life. There is no other YOU! It’s up to you to determine how your reign, your legacy will be remembered.

I help women explore and channel their authentic, fierce femininity and catapult it daily into legendary leaps to create their fairy tale reality. Through my videos, blogs, podcasts, products, and programs, I will show you how to crown yourself the best MISS {INSERT YOUR NAME HERE} you can be!

My Mogul Queens get the inside scoop whenever I develop a new program, video, or discover a spark of insight that I feel you should know about. So be sure to sign up now!

Like you, I’m a work-in-progress too. I still make mistakes and even, at times lose my luster. I’m not perfect, but I’m always striving to learn and improve. My promise to you is that I will bring you my very best as I learn to strut forth on this planet, keeping my best stiletto or sassy wedge forward. I am committed to bringing you my most authentic and sparkly self…even if it involves face-planting into an occasional F-bomb.

If you’re super serious and dead-locked in your ways, you may not totally jive with my occasional unsophisticated style…and that’s totally okay! You strut down a different runway. I wish you nothing but love on your journey to crown yourself.

To the quirky, goofy, silly, sparkly, glittery recovered Pageant princesses, and my mogul Queens, I invite you to embrace your reign as Queen of your life.

Crown Yourself Now.

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Professional Bio

Kimberly Spencer is the creator of Crown Yourself, and author of Crown Yourself: 10 Pageant Principles to Reign Over Your Body and Your Life. A multi-passionate entrepreneur, writer, Pilates Pro, health coach, motivational speaker, and recovered pageant princess (titles include Miss Norway 2014, Miss Valley Village 2010, Miss West Burbank 2004, and Miss Congeniality 2005), Kimberly inspires women to embrace their reign over their bodies and their lives. Her first feature film, BRO’, starring Danny Trejo was distributed by Lionsgate and is available internationally on Netflix. A five-time WEGO Health Activist Award nominee, Kimberly was named “Pilates Pro” by Oxygen and Pilates Style magazines. Her healthy living and body-loving advice has been featured on The CW, NPR, Spry Living, Good Morning San Diego, and in Girls Life Magazine.

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