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How to deal with rejection, boundaries relationships, and revenge with Kimberly Spencer on Crown Yourself

How to Deal with Rejection

He'd broken my heart. I knew he was cheating. He was my first love, my first real relationship, my first…heartbreak. I felt so betrayed. I didn’t know whether I hated him or myself more for not seeing it, for not trusting my gut when every…
Animal Advocate and Austrian Actress, Barbara Wilder shares her secret to happiness -Crown Yourself

#WCW: Barbara Wilder

What do you do in the world? I am Austrian born actress and artist, animal advocate and environmentalist. Also, I have a diploma in socio pedagogy, nursing, and nutrition. What makes you feel most authentically alive? I feel most authentically alive when I'm creating art…
Developing Patience - Kimberly Spencer's Crown Yourself Enterprises

Developing Patience

Ever feel like you’re falling behind? You’ve got a to-do list a mile long and you needed it all done yesterday. As a go-gettin' Queen, you measure yourself against some pretty high standards. And you’ve got the lists to prove it! Is developing patience on…
Gina Glass Manager and wife to Preston Glass lives authentically soulful - Crown Yourself Enterprises

#WCW: Gina Glass

What do you do in the world? I'm in the music business. Not only am I co-owner of Platinum Garage, but also I manage my husband, Preston Glass, who is a producer and songwriter. Also, I  have a gift of making people feel comfortable and…
Trouble Waking Up Tired, Sleeping Beauty - Crown Yourself

Waking Up Tired, Sleeping Beauty?

The sun peeks in your window. You roll over. Stretch. You're tangled up in the covers. “Just five minutes more,” you think as you see the clock through your half-open, sleep-crusted eyes. You bury your head into your pillow, praying for Father Time to magically turn…
Radhiya Sabnani | ©2016 Crown Yourself Enterprises

#WCW: Radhiya Sabnani

What do you do in the world? I am a student who tries to learn as much as possible by taking risks, getting involved in my community, and never giving up despite the struggles I encounter, as I live my special purpose. What makes you…

#WCW: Jessica Dowdeswell

What do you do in the world? I act and create art. I am an actress who truly believes that art (creativity) can change the world. As performers we effect change by sharing stories and creating art that open up opinions, initiate conversation, or even just…