Every Wednesday we celebrate one woman making a massive difference in the world.

Radhiya Sabnani | ©2016 Crown Yourself Enterprises

#WCW: Radhiya Sabnani

What do you do in the world? I am a student who tries to learn as much as possible by taking risks, getting involved in my community, and never giving up despite the struggles I encounter, as I live my special purpose. What makes you…

#WCW: Jessica Dowdeswell

What do you do in the world? I act and create art. I am an actress who truly believes that art (creativity) can change the world. As performers we effect change by sharing stories and creating art that open up opinions, initiate conversation, or even just…

#WCW: Melissa Wang

What do you do in the world? I work as a Business Manager. Currently, I'm a new puppy rescuer momma to my dog, Ellie! I got her from the Lange Foundation. What makes you feel most authentically alive? I feel most alive when I am…

#WCW: Leah Cevoli

What do you do in the world? My greatest passion in life is to have fun and make a living doing it. I'm an actress, film producer, writer, host, poet, public speaker, and a crowdfunding coach. Basically, I'm an entrepreneurial renaissance woman! If I'm not…
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