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Tiny Surprises + Foundation Changes in 2017

I know. It’s been a while. I own it. Back in November, as the future of our country was being decided, I started thinking a lot about foundation. The foundation of our country. The foundation of my life. The foundation of my business.

It is our responsibility alone to build that foundation. No one is going to do it for us. The problem is, normally we get so caught up in the day-to-day — another urgent email that has to go out right away, a text, an appointment, a cat video — that we rarely take the time to build, or even think about how are we supporting and constructing our foundation.

Sometimes we don’t see it until it’s too late. We get so busy growing our kingdom that we don’t realize our foundation is made of toothpicks and duct tape.

Sophia Amoruso - Founder of Nasty Gal and #GirlBoss  “You just have to keep the doors on the motherfucker, even if it takes a lot of duct tape.” ~ Sophia Amoruso  Crowned Twitter | © 2016 Crown Yourself Enterprises

As much as I love the sticky stuckiness of duct tape (and the awesomness of Sophia Amoruso), for a foundation, duct tape don’t work. Junk falls through and gets caught on the underside. It sticks to anything, including those pesky arm hairs you missed shaving (and it hurts like a bitch to peel it off)!

No one tells you about the fourth little piggy who built his home out of duct taoe. The wolf did all that huffing and puffing, which made his fur stick to the duct tape. Wolfy and piggy were stuck in the duct tape house, unable to escape, stuck with eacher other for eternity. One starving for the other, but never being fulfilled. Terrifying.

That little piggy with the bricks got it right. Solid.

My foundation got shook after the election, when I found out that this guy would be…

Our Little Prince

…entering the world in 8 months.

Our little prince made me have to step back, take note and reasses. When it was just the hubs and I, we could survive with duct tape. We could put off fortifying our foundation. We were so focused on height that when we found our son was going to come into the world, our duct-taped toothpick palace toppled.

It was then that I remember my mentor, Eben Pagan mentioning that when architects build a skyscraper, they sometimes make the foundation go as deep as 150 to 282 feet for a 2,000ft building…especially if you live in earthquake country like we do.

So, I started digging. And, boy did I dig deep. I started with going back to training. In order to take my skills to a higher level, I needed better tools. Now, I am a certified NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist, and Time Line Therapy® Practioner.

What does that mean?

Basically, I acquired a set of tools and strategies that allowed me to fix myself and my foundation issues. I created new neural pathways and elimited the negative emotions and limiting beliefs that were holding me back from digging deeper, so I can now build higher than ever before. Rock on!

That deep introspection has allowed me to have the strength to rebuild my business. So, it’s time to do some digging. I want to know what you want, how I can best serve you. That’s why I created a short survey to learn how we can best grow together.

Click here to give us your feedback.

I sincerely look forward to reading your answers so we can growing rapidly together in 2017! Bring on the year of the Fire Rooster.


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