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#WCW: Leila Abamdad

What do you do in the world?

My passion flows in many directions, and yet the end goal flows like rivers to the same source – creating happiness and inspiration for people.

As a doctoral student of psychology who is helping in a multitude of non-profits, I am slowly paving the path of to own future organization. In the mean time, my business Psychic Angel 911 has grown so rapidly from word of mouth that I continue giving healings and readings. Yet, somehow through God’s will, I still have time for my deep rooted passion of singing, creating lyrics with music producers and acting!

What makes you feel most authentically alive?

I feel most authentic when I get to enjoy the little moments in my life with people I hold dear to my heart. There’s a joyous high when I get to giggle with my closest friends and know I have created such strong bonds in this world.

I also feel most authentic when I work on my hobbies, mostly research on holistic health and recipes for food allergies. People focus so much outside of themselves, we forget to care about our own basic needs.

Los Angeles Psychic Angel 911 Business Owner - Leila Abamdad - Crown YourselfWhat message do you want to share with the world?

The message I wish to share in this world is…

If the world throws every element possible on your yellow brick road, just smile and persevere through it! Crowned Twitter | © 2016 Crown Yourself Enterprises

Never say “I can’t” there is always a way. This is your path, own it. All of it!

How do you Crown Yourself?

Metaphorically speaking I could say my crown shifts with me as I grow and evolve. But, I hold my crown inside rather than outside. Though sometimes a little bling is nice. 😉

In the end, I hope my crown is the type to be strong enough, yet gentle enough, to continue it’s legacy down the generations to come like an everlasting waterfall.

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