I'm a unicorn - How to live authentically child-like | © 2016 Crown Yourself Enterprises

Trust me, I’m a Unicorn

A few weeks ago, I was dangling my feet in my friend’s pool, rocking out to a fabulous Chilean + Japanese reggae trio at a fabulous party in the nestled in the Hollywood Hills. The only child at the party, a sharp little six-year old, plopped down…

#WCW: Melissa Wang

What do you do in the world? I work as a Business Manager. Currently, I'm a new puppy rescuer momma to my dog, Ellie! I got her from the Lange Foundation. What makes you feel most authentically alive? I feel most alive when I am…

#WCW: Leah Cevoli

What do you do in the world? My greatest passion in life is to have fun and make a living doing it. I'm an actress, film producer, writer, host, poet, public speaker, and a crowdfunding coach. Basically, I'm an entrepreneurial renaissance woman! If I'm not…
Kimberly Spencer's Ode to Your Creativity | © 2016 Crown Yourself Enterprises

An Ode to Your Creativity

You’re here!!! Holy sparkles! What a journey into creativity it has been?! To create anything takes a bold leap of faith into the unknown, trusting that wherever you land will be right where you need to be, to grow, learn, and thrive. Over the past…