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#WCW: Alexandria Morrow

What do you do in the world?

I am a professional actress, model, role model (public figure) dancer, and yoga teacher. My role in life is to be the best role model, sharing each one of my gifts with the world. I am here to help heal and inspire through the performing arts.

What’s makes you feel most authentically alive?

My passion is to inspire and help heal and serve light and love through my work in all areas of my performing arts. The gift of inspiring others actually what makes me feel most authentically alive. I feel most alive when inspiration can flow through me in all of my forms, spreading and sharing a positive message.

Actress + Lover of the Performing Arts Alexandria Morrow - Crown YourselfWhat message do you want to share in this world?

The performing arts are, indeed, a healing art. Crowned Twitter | © 2016 Crown Yourself Enterprises

They can inspire, change, and heal the world, because the performing arts allow us to come together to share light and love through our artistic gifts.

How do you Crown Yourself?

I crown myself Miss Miraculous Multi Model Actress Dancer Yogi Me aka …Miss Monaco Queen of the Universe.

News + Info:

purple-crown Alexandria Morrow was actually Miss Monaco in the Queen of the Universe Pageant.

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