“I want to be Kimberly Spencer when I grow up. Her beauty, charisma and compassion make her seem unbelievable upon first meeting: ‘did I just meet my fairy godmother?’ I found myself asking. Two years later, I’m still holding out hope that she is.

As a friend and mentor, Kim changed my life. Her courageous example helped me to finally find the strength to overcome my eating disorder. Making that change has dramatically improved every aspect of my life. I’ve switched careers, found love, and done things I thought were impossible – with many thanks to Kimberly Spencer.

In difficult times, I sometimes ask myself, ‘What would Kim do?’ – And then I’ll put on my favorite heels and get down to business. Because that’s what queens do. Kim is an inspiration, through and through. You’ll be lucky to be reading her book.”

– Rachel Newell, Comedian Extraordinaire

“In my daily routine, it’s easy to take for granted all of the things about myself and the powerful women around me that has changed the world in positive ways. Crown Yourself is an enterprise that deals in empowerment — for yourself and others. Kimberly has something very special with this project and I am excited to see all of the lives she will change for the better in the process.”

– Megan Reilly, CEO of Stiletto Power

“Everyone at some point realizes that fitness must be a part of their daily lives, whether to actually partake is another choice. Waking up in the morning to work out with Kimberly was a choice and on occasion a hard one to continue to be motivated about. However, her addicting laugh and personality coupled by her ability to motivate and push me past my limits was the motivation I needed to keep me coming back for more. Kimberly has an amazing gift to know who her clients are and what specific needs they have and ultimately how to motivate that person to take it to the next level. Thank you Kimberly for putting up with my whining, our creation of fictitious characters and outrageous excuses to move me forward not only physically but personally.”

– Rebecca LaBoriel, Director of Employment Services for People with Disabilities

“I can’t say enough about how Kimberly Spencer and Crown Yourself has jumpstarted my life. I am learning how to create what I want and how I am totally in charge of my life. Crown Yourself helped me realize that there is no need to sacrifice yourself to feel and be accepted and loved. You create the will to be a leader of your life by putting that crown on your head.”

– Heather Harris, Massage Therapist + Founder of Dordian Massage

“Working with Kimberly Spencer has been amazing. She is small in stature, but her knowledge and experience is extremely expansive! Her skill set is unending. I feel so much stronger and see how my body has changed with only a handful of sessions.”

– Rosanna Ayala, Pharmaceutical Regional Account Manager

“Kimberly Spencer is one of those rare Renaissance women. She wears many hats and wears them all well. As a Pilates and fitness instructor she is dedicated, observant, persistent, encouraging and extremely knowledgeable. Often I forget she is still very young. And, she hasn’t even cracked 30 yet! She encourages one to ride the edge of the mind body connection. Her style of teaching is definitely not like any other I have encountered. She has helped me reach goals and set new ones. As much as I would like to say that I work out to look good in my clothes, not so much for me. You see, I suffer from two herniated discs in my low back so having a strong core is a must. As a Chiropractor my health needs to be in tip top shape to meet the physical demands of my job. For me working out is about improving my physical strength, supporting my spine, stress relief, and fine tuning the mind body connection. Kimberly certainly does that! I feel so blessed to have met her. She has helped me in so many ways and I will forever be appreciative!!!!”

– Dr. Betty Hernandez-Tupta, Chiropractor + CEO of Back Benders

“Kimberly is a true pro!”

– Derek Taylor Kent, Children’s Book Author

“Having worked with Kimberly Spencer for over a year, I can’t imagine training with anyone else.  She is ever cheerful and always encouraging. She takes into account any problems areas you have or want to focus on and will help you work towards any goals you’re striving to achieve. She makes me work hard and as time goes on I can tell all the hard work is paying off.  Since I’ve worked with Kimberly, I feel fitter, toner, and happier than I’ve felt in a long time.”

– Kelly Woo, Paralegal

“Kimberly’s infectious energy and enthusiasm as a teacher keeps me coming back for more! She helped me trim down and drop a size without changing anything in my routine other than training with her. Kimberly Spencer is simply inspiring. She’s helped me to become stronger and more comfortable in my body.”

– Christine Soliva, Therapist at Autism Behavior Intervention, Inc.

“Training with Kimberly taught me so much about my body, myself, and my ability to push past my limits. I am grateful to her for her comprehensive knowledge of physiology, nutrition, and common sense. While she can be a bit much if you are not a morning person, her constant state of cheerfulness is pretty contagious. I believe everyone can use a little Kimberly in their lives and would highly recommend her”

– Sanjay Sabnani, CEO of Crowdgather, Inc.

“Kimberly Spencer’s technique as an instructor and attitude to motivate any individual is that of a constant upbeat nature. She is a professional, and works hard for all of her clients goals.”

– Jaycie Sullivan, Athletic Administrative Assistant at Oxnard College

“Thanks for always kicking my a**, Kimberly! You are the best!”

– Kelly Gappa, Magical Hairstylist

“Crown Yourself helped me to focus on myself and to treasure my talents. I now feel more comfortable in my own skin! Working with Kimberly has helped me to focus on the positive while continuing my journey in weight loss as well as discovering myself.”

– Melissa Wang, Marketing Maven at Zed Ink

“Kimberly Spencer taught me that through hard work and determination exercise would make a difference. She always has given 100% of herself! She is truly an inspiration!”

– Nicola Mascis, Owner of Farmers Insurance Group

“Kimberly Spencer is doing a wonderful thing by teaching ladies through Crown Yourself to love themselves, to be the best version of themselves, to be strong and not to apologize for who they are and what they have to offer to the world. She walks the walk and truly shines wherever she goes, which makes taking her advice so much easier because she is living proof that accepting who you is the best way to live. I was lucky enough to be included in her photoshoot for Crown Yourself. It was such an amazing experience to see so many women from different walks of life and in different times of their life come together to appreciate themselves and each other! I am also super lucky because through the pleasure of meeting Kim I found out that she is also a Pilates instructor. I have some health issues so I tend to shy away from most workouts, however I talked in detail with Kim about my concerns and fears, and she actually listened. She was amazing she helped me actually do a real workout! She pushed me in a positive way without overstepping the limits we had discussed. I walked away feeling amazing admittedly sore and feeling muscles I didn’t know existed. The next day I felt amazing healthy stronger and most importantly I now know that I can create a healthy fitness plan for me that works for me so I can continue to strut my stuff in every aspect of my life. Thanks Kimberly!”

– Jessica Dowdeswell, Actress

“Kimberly Spencer will transform your body and clear your mind and leave you wanting to come back for so much more! I am loving every minute with my fearless leader, Kimberly.”

– Danelle Stockdale, CEO of The Portable Classroom

“Kimberly Spencer is a tireless leader who inspires, moves crowds, and is just damn fun to watch! Though, I may be a little biased since I’m married to her.”

– Spike Spencer, CEO of Fair Winds Investment Group, Inc.

“I first met Kimberly in 2009, six months after my second baby was born. I was in bad shape not just from all the baby weight that I gained but I was also suffering from chronic back pain. After just three sessions with Kimberly, my back pain had dramatically decreased. I didn’t know life without back pain – it was a complete miracle! After several more sessions, I started getting stronger, started losing weight and eventually had enough stamina to start other exercising habits besides just Pilates. She helped me transform my life, my body and achieve my fitness goals. Kimberly is an awesome trainer and coach. I highly recommend her to anyone just starting off or anyone that needs that extra push to achieve a greater fitness goal! You won’t be disappointed!”

– Lillian Sanchez, Senior Utility Accountant at LADWP

“’I’ve been working with Kimberly Spencer for the past couple years. Not only does she really know her stuff about the body, her energy and encouragement has garnered a positive change, physically and mentally. Her goal is to help you reach your own goal. A great attitude, personality, and humor make working with Kimberly a no-brainer!”

– Kyle Hebert, Voice Actor

“Kimberly Spencer is an all-around talet who excels at everything she puts her mind to. I’m expecting many great things from her as more people begin to discover the depths of her talent!”

– Mark Heft, Producer/Writer at Lumiere Media