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“Kim MacKenzie [Spencer] is all about helping people live a happy, healthy, and fit life. However, she believes that dieting and other extreme measures are not the path to take.”

- Jessica Raymond,
CEO and Founder of Recovery Warriors


Fit Small Business, Top 5 Press Release Mistakes – Don’t Mess These Up!

“On a similar note, Kimberly shares this piece of advice: ‘Too many companies make their press releases all about them, their product. In a world of 24/7 media and information, with everyone vying for attention, more shouting doesn’t make anyone really stop and notice.'”

Girls Life, No Excuses!

“Appreciate your body for its attributes, whatever they may be. Says Kim, ‘Embrace your uniqueness, because you are one of a kind. And you’re fabulous.’

Like a Girl Boss, Success is Not a Number on a Scale

“Weight is just a number. It has no power over you, unless you give it power… There are a lot more important numbers in your life than the numbers on a scale.”

Peace Magazine, Miss Norway 2014, Kim MacKenzie [Spencer] Will Bare Her Curves to Promote Healthy Body Image”

“[Kimberly Spencer], who struggled with an eating disorder for ten years, now proudly represents a healthy body image. ‘Every body is different. If you’re a size 4 trying to starve yourself into a 00, you’re going to be unhappy…as well as malnourished. I was. It took a long time for me to be able to embrace my curves. But not that I have, ‘diet’ is just another four letter curse word. I choose happiness and health over fitting myself into someone else’s standard of beauty.’”

Examiner, 5 Years Fully Recovered

“Kimberly’s belief of soul-work kept her pushing forward…’ Throughout my recovery, it was my belief that I was put on this earth for a reason and that kept me going. Belief in a higher purpose, a higher calling, that my life had meaning because God put me here for a reason, gave me strength and the ability to see beyond the moment, to the larger picture.’”

Ms in the Biz, The Beauty of Pageants: Lessons Learned by Strutting in Stilettos on Stage

“I am a beauty queen. I am not brainless. I used to play with Barbies. I was a size two for about a minute, until I saw a piece of chocolate. I actually do love fitness and all things that glitter. I still occasionally wear my tiara around the house. I may seem like an anomaly from your view of the typical, ‘Pageant girl,’ but I can assure you, I’m not.”

Healthline, No More Cheat Days

“Fitness instructor, Kim MacKenzie [Spencer] says, ‘While I’m all for exorcising those demons through conversation, when you’re training with me, you have to actually exercise!'”

Oxygen Magazine, New Gear Info

“Pilates Pro’ Kim MacKenzie [Spencer]”

Your Tango, 7 Workout Moves that Will Make You Kill It in the Bedroom

“”Plank is the beginning of a push up. To get into the position, you start on all fours, and then, engaging your core, press your heels back, straightening your legs and tucking your pelvis. It’s the best ab exercise on the planet for both men and women. But in bed, this one is for the guys,” says Kimberly Spencer.”, Celebrities who Died or Have Eating Disorders

“Kim MacKenzie [Spencer], “Ms Norway 2014 has openly admitted to battling with Bulimia”

DIY Active, 8 Guilty Pleasure Foods that are actually good for you

“[Dark chocolate] is also packed with nutrients and minerals: fiber, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc and selenium. Plus, unlike its milky counterpart, a small piece of dark chocolate can actually curb your chocolatey cravings faster, and with less sugar and calories.”

Spafinder 365, 6 Moves to Prevent Bloating

Between work, family, and holiday parties, we find more excuses than usual not to go to the gym. As our food consumption increases, our exercise decreases. By New Year’s Day, we have ten pounds worth of resolutions to conquer. What if, instead of this vicious cycle, we were able to prevent the yearly Thanksgiving to New Years tummy expansion? It’s totally possible. We just have to make tummy toning very convenient.”

ClassPass, 5 Tips to Take Your Fitness to the Next Level

“Clear out all those excuses in your mind that cause you to procrastinate from trying that new class. I’m not strong enough yet. I don’t have time yet. I have to lose ten pounds before I go. If you let these excuses permeate your mind, you will only succeed at not going. Why do we sabotage ourselves before we even begin? Fear. Trying something new is scary. It makes us uncomfortable. Plus we don’t want to feel or look like an idiot. So the first step is to get out of our own way and clean out those excuses. You never know until you try.”