#WCW: Manisha Sabnani

What do you do in the world?

I am a working mother heavily involved in my three beautiful girls lives. And, I am surrounded by great family, friends, and colleagues.

What makes you feel most authentically alive?

I feel most authentically alive when I can be a strong role model to my girls and to my family and friends.

#WCW Manisha Sabnani is the strong role model moma who focus' on bettering herself and being her own best friend - Crown YourselfWhat message do you want to share in the world?

Be your own best friend and good things will follow. Crowned Twitter | © 2016 Crown Yourself Enterprises

How do you Crown Yourself?

I focus on how to better myself in the future and how I can impact others, even in subtle ways as a strong role model.


News + Info: Strong Role Model Manisha Sabnani with her three girls | ©2016 Crown Yourself Enterprises

purple-crown Manisha gave the keynote speech as EVP of Toastmasters  (Major Mentor snaps for Manisha!)

purple-crown Manisha just dropped her second daughter, Radhiya Sabnani, at college in NYC. Check out her future media mogul here. Her oldest, Tamina is already in college, and her youngest, Mallika is finishing up high school.

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