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#WCW: Mallika Sabnani

What do you do in the world? I am a daughter, student, and sister. What makes you feel most authentically alive? I feel most authentically alive when I am listening to music in the car or in my room. Mostly whenever I feel and look…
Los Angeles Psychic Angel 911 Business Owner - Leila Abamdad - Crown Yourself

#WCW: Leila Abamdad

What do you do in the world? My passion flows in many directions, and yet the end goal flows like rivers to the same source - creating happiness and inspiration for people. As a doctoral student of psychology who is helping in a multitude of…

#WCW: Leah Cevoli

What do you do in the world? My greatest passion in life is to have fun and make a living doing it. I'm an actress, film producer, writer, host, poet, public speaker, and a crowdfunding coach. Basically, I'm an entrepreneurial renaissance woman! If I'm not…