This could be the start of a beautiful…business!

Holy sparkles, have I got some amazing news for you! This could be is the start of a beautiful…business. For you! It’s just…

The Start: Journey to Entrepreneurship

the-start-journey-to-entrepreneurship-by-authority-media-group-brian-horn-featuring-crown-yourselfs-kimberly-spencerIn “The Start: Journey to Entrepreneurship,” the Authority Media Group presents their remarkable findings of its study of successful entrepreneurs, revealing the lessons learned in their first businesses that they still apply today. With vital performance and career lessons and ideas for how to apply them, it’s a must read for entrepreneurs at every level.

And I’m one of their featured case studies!

Yes, friends, Crown Yourself is not my first business venture. In fact, it’s my fourth! My first two were a successful freelance writing biz and my private Pilates biz.

All of us in the book have vastly different styles and backgrounds. But you’ll find commonalities between us that you can apply to your business and life. That’s the best part about entrepreneurs: diversity!

It doesn’t matter what your race, gender, or background is, entrepreneurs all have a common thread that bind us: hustle + heart. Crowned Twitter | © 2016 Crown Yourself Enterprises

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO proud to be a part of this important book. Not only because of it’s vital info, but also because the proceeds go to benefit Lemonade Day, a non-profit that helps empower a future generation of entrepreneurs…our youth.

Get 90% off of your Kindle copy of “The Start” on Amazon now!

Yes, you read that right, 90%. Meaning for today only it’s $0.99! There’s no excuse not to.

I truly, madly, deeply thank you so much for your support. And I look forward to hearing about your start. Have you ever wanted to start a business? Let me know below in the comments.

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