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#WCW: Ashley Robinson

What do you do in the world?

I am an Expedia concierge on the great island Oahu in Hawaii! I help people have the best vacations possible. With my services, they can try new things like helicopter rides around the island or water jet packing ten feet in the air. I allow my customers to take chances. If you’re headed to the Hilton Garden Inn, The Outrigger, and The Outrigger Reef hotels, I look forward to serving you!

What makes you feel most authentically alive?

The ocean! I feel most authentically alive when I am around good friends and good people.

Hawaiian Ashley Robinson shares what makes her feel authentically alive - Crown YourselfWhat message do you want to share in the world?

Positivity! Take chances and follow your dreams. Crowned Twitter | © 2016 Crown Yourself Enterprises

How do you Crown Yourself?

With a smile.


News + Info:

purple-crown Ashley bravely moved from her lifelong home in LA after college, to what will probably be her lifelong home in Hawaii! Aloha!

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