#Adulting So Hard

Ever wonder why #adulting seems soooo freakin' hard? BAD NEWS: Only you're making it that way. 

Tony Robbins said it best, “Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning you give it.” So if you’re making #adulting hard…that’s all you, baby. The good news is, YOU have the power to change that. #Adulting is just a matter of perspective. 

Here are 3 ways to make #adulting be more enjoyable:


Consciously adding more play to your day seems ridiculous. But, next time you're busy #adultingsohard try it with a crown on, or while dancing, or by adding a wax monogram seal to your envelope...because you're THAT fancy.

Just play. How can you bring more joy to the mundane adult stuff? Even the uncomfortable stuff…like paying your bills.

Now, I know you’re thinking, have I seen your student loan debt? (EESH!) I get it. But, energy is fluid. If you're paying your bills with a negative attitude, you're curtailing the infinity cycle of prosperity BACK TO YOU. 


The quickest way to switch your thoughts is to align your head with your heart. You do that with gratitude. Be grateful that you have the income to pay your bills. Be grateful for the education you received that has helped make you the brilliant woman you are. And even if you don’t have the money to pay your bills…at this moment…be grateful that you are so resourceful that someway to pay will FIND you.

Meditate on gratitude. Even write “Thank you” to the billing provider on that check or in the “Memo” section.


Joy comes from when you feel connected to something higher, something beyond yourself. I get it, sometimes #adulting does get hard. You’ve got to embrace the hard, embrace the suck, and embrace the stuck-i-ness. That only means you accept the circumstances.

That doesn't mean have a sucky attitude. Your attitude about your circumstances is TOTALLY up to you.

Let that frustration fuel you instead of cripple you. Ask yourself, “How can I laugh at this situation?” What’s funny about it? Project yourself into the future.

How will you laugh at that crappy situation once you’ve gone through it?

As you add more play, you create more joy, and if you can find how you will be grateful for the struggle in the future…because it’s preparing you for something greater, then #adultingsohard will become #adultingsoawesome.