The Easiest Way to Forget

Wow, what a week it was. In training from 9-6AM learning how to teach my clients, both coaching and consulting, the only methodology in the world scientifically proven to predict your prospects buying behavior in 90 seconds. You can check it out here.

To top it off, the weekend before I was in a seminar series learning from some of the BEST coaches, teachers, and multi-multi-millionaire kind of people. People like Tony Robbins’ VP of Business Strategy, Micheal Besson, Bill Walsh, and John Ferguson teaching some ADVANCED marketing, sales, and mindset material.

I’m just glad I took notes so that I could remember it all.

Even though I know my unconscious mind captured it all, having the tangible opportunity to hit the “refresh” button on all that juicy knowledge is super alluring. That’s why I wanted to give you my secret to remembering something…

Now, don’t forget it.

It’s BIG!!!!

Poof. And now it’s gone. 

Why? Because I told you NOT to forget it.

Saying “don’t forget” automatically triggers your unconscious mind to do exactly what you don’t want it to do…forget.

So the next time you’re trying to remember something…

NO. 1 - Forget “Forget About It”

Because you’ll just forget it. So forget it and say it that way you want it.

If you’re using it as a command, instead of saying “Don’t forget to clean your crown,” say instead “Remember to clean your crown.” When you remember to say it the way you want it, you command your unconscious mind to find it.

NO.2 - Stop “Trying” to Remember It

You know the word “trying” is my least favorite word on the planet. “Trying” implies a lot of effort…buuuuuut, not necessarily a lot of results. How many times have you "tried" to go to a party...and then didn't end up going? But you certainly tried, didn't you?

So again, if you want to remember something, stop TRYING, and starting doing the remembering. Your unconscious mind will listen, you just have to give her a clear command. 

Remember, your conscious mind is the goal setter, your unconscious mind is the goal-getter. All you got to do is give her a clear command as to what goal she needs to go for.

Tell me in the comments how you're going to remember to remember to not forget to remember.