How to Handle Low-Vibes and Labor Pains

As mission-minded, high vibin' Queens, we frequently set our minds to mastery. We focus our thoughts, we create those clear intentions, we check off that to-do list like a pro. I am right there with ya, sista!

But sometimes, you have a rough day.

Doubt, fear, shame, guilt, some form of negative emotion arises (normally because you're right at a Breakthrough). Call it a bad day, call it low-vibes, whatever you call it, it sucks. 

I used to dread the suck-days because I thought, "OMG I'm not manifesting abundance! I've got these negative emotions. That's sending mixed messages to my unconscious mind..."

And down the rabbit hole I would go.

Suppressing the negative emotions, denying that they're there is delusional. It's not your truth. 

That's when unicorns, sparkles, rainbows, and airy-fairy bullshit start crowding your reality, pushing your dreams farther outside of you.

Your dreams, your goals are all inside of you waiting to be birthed.

Ask any woman who has been through labor, and she'll tell you that there's a lot of freaking pain that goes down during that time. (I know, I spent 24 hours in it with no drugs!)

As women we naturally ebb and flow, our bodies are designed to do that specifically to give birth. Do you think giving birth to your business, to your dream life is any different? 

The negative emotions that arise as you're going for your goal are just labor pains. 

I had plenty of negative emotions throughout the 24 hours I spent giving birth to Declan. Fear that I would have to be transferred to a hospital and have a C-section. Doubt that I would be able to get through the pain. Fear that I would bust my coccyx bone pushing his giant head out. (Seriously, it was over a half a foot in diameter…ouch!) I had to trust that Nature knew what she was doing. I had to trust my body's natural ability to do what she was created to do. I had to trust the process and know that my goal was working just as hard to come to me, as I was to get it out. And that’s the beauty of it.

Your dream is working just as hard to get to you as you are to it.

In labor, you're not in pain the whole time. Contractions suck. They last 30 seconds to a minute. Then you get about 3-7 minutes of rest, peace, and sometimes even laughter. (Yes, really!) You know with each contraction it's just your goal getting a little bit closer. Even though during a contraction it feels like the longest minute of your life, resisting the pain only makes it last longer. Instead, surrender to the pain. Honor the pain. And breathe through it. 

It wasn’t until I started allowing and accepting the pain that my labor started to progress faster. You have to...

Snap the f*** INTO it!

Instead of going outside Yourself, dig deep. Get guttural. Let those moans out. Breathe. Bear down. It's just your dream making its way down the birth canal. Suppressing the pain, the negative emotions, the fear, the frustrations, will only make the "labor" of birthing your dream take longer. 

Success is usually counter-intuitive to what we consciously think we "should" do.

We feel pain, and our conscious mind thinks, “Oh dear god! I have to run from this! I have to reject this!” But your unconscious mind already knows what to to do. It’s already set out in the process, seeking your goal. 

With birth, your goal is obvious. Get the baby out. You have that image of you as a new mom, holding your precious little one in your arms. But sometimes in business and in our relationships, our goals can be cloudy. This is where we get lost in overwhelm because the picture of us achieving our goal isn’t clear. 

Once you get a clear picture of where you want to go, expedite the process, by allowing the pain. Your eyes will be sparkling at the end when your dream is in your arms. 

now you tell me...

How are you going to handle those "low-vibe" days? What specific actions can you take to honor the struggle and push through the pain?