WARNING: These symptoms could be life threatening.

Do you put off projects until something else occurs? Has your list of project grown longer and longer, and yet felt farther and farther away? But, is there an itching, burning, stinging sensation in your fingertips to just continue scrolling through Facebook and Instagram?

My friend, you’re suffering from a case of “I’ll do I.T. when” Syndrome.

You’re not alone.  In fact, it’s quite common.

All humans have suffered from “I’ll Do I.T. When” Syndrome at some point in their lives. Symptoms include dreaming audaciously large dreams and yet not making any forward progress, lacking motivation, desiring things other people have, constantly seeking new opportunities, project lists, and backlogs of unfinished self-study courses.

I.T. stands for Internal Transformation.

I.T. must happen in order to achieve a certain outcome, accomplish a specific goal, or complete a project or task.

Consult with your coach if you think you may be suffering from a case of “I’ll Do I.T. When” Syndrome, or if you’ve had frequent excuses for why you’re not getting stuff done.

If you’re suffering from “I’ll do I.T. when” Syndrome, you’re not alone.

Have you experienced overwhelming thoughts recently? Or, perhaps, a lack of clarity? Or have you found yourself giving lots of reasons for why you’re not progressing? You may have “I’ll Do I.T. When” Syndrome now.

If you’ve heard yourself say recently, “I’ll do I.T. when the kids of gone to college,” or “I’ll do I.T. when I have the money,” or “I’ll do I.T. when I just get the right people to believe in me,” then you too may be experiencing “I’ll Do I.T. When” Syndrome.

Fortunately, there is a cure.

Taking ACTION® can help.

ACTION® is a daily practice that immediately alleviates overwhelm, lack of clarity, and fear of process pain.

Tell your coach right away if your “I’ll do [IT] When” Syndrome worsens, if you have feelings of unconscious pushback, if you have changes in your behavior, or if you have thoughts of watching another season of Netflix.

People taking ACTION® should not be surprised when they start seeing massive progress toward their dreams, if their bank account starts to grow, if they start to feel more attractive, magnetic, and confident, or if they start experiencing a surplus in energy or excitement about their lives.

Side effects of taking ACTION® include...

Getting shit done, accomplishing more on a daily basis, being more productive, courageous, and influential, feeling more motivated, inspired, and free, and enjoying enhanced relationships, wealth, and health, and peace.

Consult with your coach to make sure that taking ACTION® is right for you.

Why suffer another day from “I’ll Do [IT] When” Syndrome?

So take ACTION® today.

If you know someone suffering from “I’ll Do I.T. When” Syndrome, share this with them.