Marketing, Facebook Ads, and Social Media, OH MY!

When I started my first online business 6 years ago, the online arena was sooooo much simpler. Email list. Facebook. Youtube.

Those were the giants. And it was pretty simple. A post. A video. An email. Easy peasy.

Maybe we’d Twitter from time to time or throw up an Insta image, since Instagram was in its toddler years back then.

But, now...

A new social media platform emerges every minute! And every existing platform keeps adding on more stuff...Insta Stories, InstaTV, Facebook Live, Facebook Messenger, Facebook groups, Facebook stories, Facebook group stories, Facebook page stories.


Social media marketing is here to stay, but the overwhelm of it all can go.

That’s because in my interview with social media strategist, Sarah Lorenz, we break down what platforms you should be on for your business, and we practice the K.I.S.S. model - Keep It Simple Silly.

After studying marketing, working as a Marketing Manager and becoming a freelancer, she now runs her own business including a Facebook Ads agency, Get Some Magic, for international clients.

Sarah has helped dozens of coaches to find their unique voice, implement a strategy and get high-end clients through social media.

She loves testing new techniques and is always up to some crazy ideas. Besides her 1:1 coaching she also has her own membership program where she teaches business owners everything they need to know to stay at the leading edge of social media.

For most business women, like me, the whole social media marketing thing is a bit of a mystery.

It keeps changing so often, it’s tough to keep track of all the changes. You’ve no idea what’s going to work, or what the best strategies are to consistently land well paying, high-end clients.

Let’s solve this social media mystery together.

Sarah Lorenz will teach you everything you need to know about the latest news on social media.

How does the Facebook algorithm work? What’s the best way to do a live stream? And why should you be doing them? How do you know which platform to choose?

She will also share her best Facebook Ads advice with you - from effective retargeting and split-testing to the best ads placement and copy. Afterward, you will have a good idea of what your next steps in social media and regarding social, advertising, and the whole digital world.

This interview was originally filmed for my high performance coaching group, The Queens Way. If you liked what you saw and desire more, apply now to join a high performing group of female entrepreneurs who are taking their lives, bodies, and businesses to the next level.

As always, tell me your top takeaway in the comments!

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