Why You Need a Self Care Team

Every bar needs a good bouncer, right? Well, so does your body.

Negative emotions are toxic for your body.

And just like any good bar, your body needs a team to tell those negative emotions to BOUNCE, especially when they get drunk off of Fear and start tainting the fun for everyone.

Anger, anxiety, and depression can trigger inflammation linked to heart disease. Stress, which is the fancy-modern name for fear, literally makes your body stupid. Too much stress causes your blood to coagulate faster. It causes the natural peristalsis in your intestines to slow.

This is all well and good if you’re stressed out because you’re being chased by a saber tooth tiger. Being in fight-or-flight mode is necessary…in that moment.

But, it’s not so good if your stress is because of too many distractions because you’re multitasking five different things, downing cup-after-cup of caffeine with an overwhelming to-do list that’s barely done.

That’s why every single high performer has healthy self-care routines. And I don’t mean just a solid morning routine. I mean, they have a team.

A part of my team is this gal...Heather Harris.

Heather is a neuromuscular (i.e. highly specialized) massage therapist, and truly the best person I have ever had to massage out the tension in my body.

#SorryNotSorry, Spikey.

She is literally the bouncer for the “drunk knots” in my body, you know those ones that keep you locked up, tight, and rolling your neck to try to release them....basically, a royal pain in your ass.

In this interview, we dive into how negative emotions and bad thinking affect your body, meta health, why foot massages are like one-night stands and how everything is energy. We also get real for the ladies on how self-care can help those who have been sexually abused, and how your body’s tissue can record trauma.

Good news is, you can release it too!

And, for my fellow sovereigns, if you’re in Los Angeles, Heather has got a special for you when you’re in town. Watch our #QueenConvo to learn what it is.

This interview was originally filmed for my high performance coaching group, The Queens Way. If you liked what you saw and desire more, apply now to join a high performing group of female entrepreneurs who are taking their lives, bodies, and businesses to the next level.

As always, tell me your top takeaway in the comments!

In Los Angeles? Let Heather get her hands all over you, and bounce out that stress. Book a massage with her here. Tell her you heard about her from me and you get a special sovereign discount!

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