3 Steps to Stretch Your Body's Built In B.S. Meter

What if everything you wanted is already located inside your body?

I know, I know. It sounds crazy, right? Almost too good to be true.

Think about it though...

Have you ever had that gut feeling that someone was lying to you? But, consciously, you were thinking, “No...he’d never do that to me. We’ve been together for so long.” And you give yourself reason, after reason, after reason to try to reason yourself out of that feeling.

Hate to break it to you, sweetheart, but that gut feeling is your unconscious mind telling you what you want...the truth.

And in a Jack Nicolson moment of love, your conscious mind is thinking, “You can’t handle the truth!!!” It’s scared of the truth. Thus all the reasons, and excuses that contradict your instinct.

Ego vs. Instinct

You see, your unconscious mind rules your body. It’s one of its prime directives. After all, you’re not consciously thinking about breathing. You’re not consciously thinking about beating your heart right now. It's all unconscious. 

In fact 95-97% of all that you do is from unconscious programming. All that unconscious programming has got to be recorded somewhere, right?

Your body is like the hardware, while your mind is the software. If the software is corrupted, or there’s funky programming, it can make the hardware have glitches or be inefficient. Like Apple, we're end-to-end systems. So when you’re gut is saying “Watch out,” but you listen to all those conscious reasons (i.e. excuses), you’re denying yourself of what you truly want...

Alignment with ultimate truth.

Your conscious mind will attach to the form. You think you want that relationship with that specific person or that specific client. But really, your unconscious mind, which is tied to Higher Consciousness, knows that isn't the form that is in congruence with your Higher, Best, Future Self.

That’s your unconscious desire for truth, for congruence, for alignment with your purpose.

Your body knows before your brain does and that’s why it gives you those gut feelings or strange pains “out of nowhere.” 

Your body is trying to show you that something is out of alignment on a metaphysical level with your truth and your mission. It's up to you to tap into your body and discover how to bring your work, your relationships, your self back into alignment.


No.1 - Listen to Your Body

Ever start feeling back pain when you feel unsupported by your spouse? Do you ever have digestive issues before a big event? Have you ever found it hard to breathe after suffering a loss?

These are all signals from your body. Your unconscious mind will repress memories with unresolved negative emotions until it’s ready to deal with them. And you have neurotransmitters in every single cell of your body communicating with your mind. So where do you think your unconscious mind puts these memories and emotions and things that need to be dealt with?

You guessed it…in your tissue.

Pain is resistance to alignment.

When you start to tune into the pain…

No.2 - Ask Your Body

Once you’re tuning into your body on a regular basis, if you start to feel pains or issues, ask your body. “What are you trying to tell me?” Sometimes this takes a little coaxing, to let your unconscious mind know that you’re ready to face whatever it is.

What are you resisting dealing with? What truth are you resisting?

i used to get neck pain a lot. I used to blame it on being in four bad car accidents when I was in my early twenties. Unconsciously, my mind made the connection that when I am stressed to place it in my neck — after all it had the most logical explanation for having pain there. But it wasn’t all the time. The pain only showed up in times of overwhelm.

What I was resisting was the belief that work could be easy.

That the concept of it being “hard” was in my mind. it was a construct, a plagiarized belief i got from growing up with two baby-boomer entrepreneur parents. “Hard work” is what they were taught. I watched, growing up, how they made work hard, how they complicated simple tasks with drama or hiring the wrong people, because of this belief that work had to be “hard.”

No.3 - Shift Your Beliefs to Align with Truth

I realized that this belief was not in alignment with my ultimate truth, which is what my unconscious mind was showing me through my neck pain.

When your body shows you a belief that is B.S in the form of pain, tap in, listen, ask, and once you find the answer, forgive. Forgive your old story and change to a new more empowered belief.

For me, I shifted my story of work being “hard” to this.:

Work is just work. Easy and hard are just a state of mind. You can work. You can work a lot. And you can love your work . And you can make your work easy and fun.

Once I healed the belief that work had to be hard within myself, the neck pain was gone. I was back in alignment with truth.

This is the infinite wisdom and power of your body.

Recently, I was interviewed by Jen Tews, founder of Dara Tree yoga to be a part of her new online summit Unlock Your Body Code . Jen produced this groundbreaking online summit with some of the most transformative experts on the planet to show you HOW to activate your body’s codes so you can unlock your power, realign with your heart and create a life of joy and abundance!

What does that actually mean?

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It all starts inside of you.

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Let me know if this resonated with you in the comments. And share this with someone who needs to stretch their own body’s B.S. meter and get more in touch with their unconscious alignment.