Who's Sitting On Your Throne?

Beware! There is a dangerous, insidious usurper in your kingdom. She’s been sitting on your throne for far too long. She looks like you. Maybe you see her in the mirror. It’s not like she’s an evil twin, she has a purpose. And don’t get me wrong, she loves you so much. In fact, she’s only ruling in your stead to try to protect you.

She’s just doing a piss-poor job of it. She’s holding you back from achieving all that you desire. She’s keeping your kingdom small, contained, within the boundaries of your comfort zone. She whispers words of doubt into your ear whenever your instinct tries to get out of line and go for something big…

  • “Don’t invest in that program, even though you know it’s going to change your life and business. What if you lose all your money?’

  • “Don’t jump into that relationship, he’s too old. What if it doesn’t work out?”

  • “Don’t get up early and workout, your bed is sooo much more comfortable.”

Do you recognize her yet?

You see her. She is Fear. She is all the programming and conditioning that has kept you playing, dipping your toe in, instead of going ALL into building your empire.

The problem is, your empire will NOT expand while she is on your throne. There can only be one ruler up in your kingdom: YOU.

You now have a choice, you sit on your throne, take ownership, and rule your freaking life like the badass queen you were born to be or you let Fear sit on your throne and hold you back from your potential.

Fear is going to fight you every step of the way.

Feel it. And keep going. The fight won’t be as hard once you continue to build your strength.

On a metaphysical level there are only two real emotions: fear and love.

Only one can sit on your throne at a time. The Bible says, “Man cannot serve two masters.” I say, “Your throne is only big enough for one cute butt.” Different phrasing. Same meaning.

And you’ll know which “master” you’re serving. Or which “butt” is sitting on your throne because…

If it’s Love - that loving you, the extension from Source/God/the Universe - then you will feel expansive, courageous, constantly being pulled forward by a greater mission and doing the things that push the limits, the boundaries, the border of your kingdom.

Because that’s how  you expand. Growth and equilibrium cannot exist simultaneously. And equilibrium is equally an illusion of the ego.

After a while, the scale tips, the thing wears out, no matter how pretty or perfect or stable it seemed.

That’s why you’re either growing or your dying.

Your kingdom is either expanding or it’s contracting. Ebb and flow. Creation and destruction. The paradox of equilibrium. Eventually the scale tips.

If you’re not actually actively growing, your scale will tip, consciously or unconsciously in a direction you DON’T want it to go, in the direction of fear, contraction, smallness.

So throw on your big girl undies, and kick that b*tch, Fear, off your throne. The time is now to grow and expand your kingdom.

How to Take Back Your Throne and Expand Your Empire

Queens-Counsel - Instagram.png

No.1 - Honest Awareness

Notice the thoughts, actions, habits, and behaviors that are keeping you stuck. Become hyper aware about the counsel you receive as queen. Who is serving you? Who is enabling Fear to rule in your stead? Beware, some of these counsel may be perceived as friends, even family, who are whispering doubt into your ear. “It seems like your business isn’t working, why don’t you go back to college, move home, it’s okay, you tried.” While you may love them, banish them from your Queen’s Counsel, for they are only serving Fear, not you.

Be acutely aware of the things you are saying to yourself. Be your own counsel in that you banish the thoughts from your palace that are enabling Fear to sit on your throne. “Are you sure you have enough information to start? Maybe you should keep researching. it’s  okay, you’ll start in another month...when you’re ready.”

Notice the people and thoughts who are causing you to delay stepping up to the plate and ruling like the Queen you are.

No.2 - Ownership

Once you have become the gentle observer of your thoughts, feelings, and counsel, take ownership. It is up to you to change your life. Only you can choose a new path.

Take responsibility. Because your choice is your power. When you own your choices, you claim your power.

This definitely is NOT comfortable. Nor is it common. Most of society is trapped in a blame-game. But you are not society. You rule your society. You own your choices. And therefore you create your reality instead of being reactionary to what’s happening around you.

With ownership comes the power to change, to shift, and to choose a new path.

No.3 - Choose Daily

Choose to surround yourself with new people who uplift and encourage your dreams. Choose to change your mind when an insidious, doubtful thought pops into your brain. Choose to feel a new feeling when overwhelm, anger, or depression creep in. Throw on an inspirational podcast. Call up your coach. Shout out an affirmation, loud and proud. Move your body to shift your physical state. Be like Taylor Swift and shake that sucker off!

Choose to be courageous. Choose to do the thing that is gnawing at your gut saying “do it, do it.” Join the program. Hire the coach. Launch the business. Jump into that relationship. Listen to that quiet voice inside cheering you on, saying this IS for you. This is YOUR time. Choose to tell yourself a new story. Choose to change your mind.

Own your power to choose your thoughts, feelings, and actions. My favorite prayer and question to my unconscious mind to change my state from fear to Queen is…

“God, I am willing to see things differently.”

It’s from A Course in Miracles.

Because the problem is NOT you. The problem is in your perspective.

Let me say that again because it is JUST SO FREAKING POWERFUL. The problem is NOT you. The problem is your perspective. Change your perspective, change your life.

When you’ve been letting Fear sit on your throne, it’s like putting a pair of sunglasses on. Eventually you forget that you’re wearing them. So then when you take them off, the light is blinding. So you throw them back on again, or you close your eyes again from the light for a hot minute to help your eyes adjust. Then, maybe you take them off again and they stay off a little longer or your eyes stay open a little longer.

You choose to keep your eyes open to the light of truth.

If you’ve been stuck not showing up as the loving Queen you were born to be, if you’ve been wearing the sunglasses of Fear, keeping you in darkness, if Fear has been sitting on your throne for far too long, then it’s time to shift.

It’s time you lead with Love and start winning by being and loving the woman you ARE.


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