Become the Resilient, Creative Mompreneur You Were Born to Be

The creative process is a lot like eating shit.

How do I know? I've literally tried it. Obviously this was not an intentional thing...

Over a delicious Sunday breakfast of waffles and jam, I was sitting with my son on the couch, reading as we gloriously reveled in carby goodness - okay, I was the one doing the reveling. Declan was enjoying the usual.

He’s recently discovered textures - bumpy, sticky, gooey, rough, smooth, tickly. So, when it comes to food we’ll normally play a game if his hands are sticky with jam. He’ll hold out his hand with a whine, saying “dirty” and I’ll be the vacuum cleaner and gobble up his fingers. Cute, right? Right.

Until it’s not…

I missed the moment in our interchange - it was probably in my own moment of bliss, closing my eyes and savoring the sweet, figgy taste of waffles - when Declan stuck his fingers in his diaper.

It was him saying “dirty” and the whine that followed that jolted me out of my mouthful of meditation.

Mom was ready to play the “Let’s make stopping whining fun” game. I saw the Trader Joe’s  fig butter on his fingertips and promptly made a “aaarump!” sound as I chomped down gummily on his fingers.

That’s when I tasted it.

“What the fuck is this!” I shouted completely ignoring all proper forms of parenting language with my child sitting right next to me, as I spat the jammy-like substance out of my mouth.

Then, in a Michael Bay worthy cinematic moment, my head turned as I caught Declan in my periphery shoving his hands into his diaper, yet again...and pulling out a figgy-looking substance.

That’s I knew the shit I tasted was indeed - shit. Literal, vile, shit.

So I did what any mother in her right mind would do - picked up the kiddo nearly tossing him to his daddy sharing in the midst of gags and “I ate shit. Change him,” while promptly bolting upstairs to brush my teeth.

Here’s the thing about eating poop - the taste lingers.

No matter how much you brush your teeth, tongue, or shove that toothbrush down the back of your throat - it’s still there.

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The only solution is to go back to food. You must go back to the table.

You’ve got to pick up your meal, where you left off (or if you’re like me, fix yourself another waffle) and ravenously dive in like your life and the future of tasting anything delicious again in your life depended on it.

It’s the same as creative process.

You will eat shit  - maybe not literally.

You will make mistakes.

You will fail.

And no matter how hard you try to brush away those failures, those mistakes, those shit-storm, shit-eating moments...

The taste will linger until you sit your ass back at the table and bite into something that is actually delicious and satiating.

It’s a matter of how quickly you get back to the table to enjoy the rest or more, or an entirely new meal that counts.

It’s your grit and your resilience to know that that one shit-filled bite does not taint (no pun intended) the rest of your tastebuds.

This is why I created my Cyber Mom-Day Bundle as my early Mother’s day gift to you. Whether you are a mom, you want to be a mom, or you are fully satisfied being a fur-baby mama, this bundle is for you.

Because you are a creative.

You are creating in your business everyday.

It is literally within your feminine energetic nature to create life.

That can be literal life, like a baby. Or imaginative life, like a novel. Or prosperous life, like a business. Or inspiring life, like a #authenticAF blog post about eating shit.

You are innately creative as you are creating the life around you moment by moment with every thought you think, every action you take, every experience you have. It’s the Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy.

It’s your choice as to how you create the energy that is ALREADY being generated THROUGH you.


It is ALSO the Law of Contrast that states that the thought of something is likely to trigger the thought of it’s direct opposite.

That is why, I can say without a doubt, you WILL eat shit. You will experience friction as you create. On a cellular level, molecules experience friction and the ones that experience the most friction survive.

Friction can also translate as resistance.

In the gym, resistance is A PART of the process of getting stronger. You are literally using resistance bands or resistance with weights to strengthen your muscles. You go to the gym EXPECTING that you will get resistance. You EXPECT yourself to push yourself beyond the shit because it makes you stronger. In the gym, you know when you start to experience resistance, that’s when you dig in, dig deep and do that next rep or two because that’s where you grow the most.

Why do we accept resistance in the physical form of working out, but NOT in the physical experience of creating?

Doesn’t matter what you’re creating…

A baby…

A book…

A blog...

A business…

It’s not an “if” it’s a when. The failure, the mess, the mistakes, the shit-eating moments will happen. It’s part of the process of creating.

You WILL experience those moments of resistance.

You WILL experience friction...especially in the baby-making part. 😉

You WILL experience failure and frustration and total shit-eating moments.

It is in those shit-eating moments that define how fast you will grow.

Do you try to just brush it away?

Do you allow it to nauseate you for the rest of the day?

Do you suck in other people to commiserate and complain about how horrible it is to eat the shit?

Do you avoid going back to doing the dang thing because it gave you the taste that you never want to eat again?

Or do you sit your ass back down at the table, lean in, and eat your mother-effing waffle of creative goodness?...Metaphorically speaking.

Do you strengthen your resilience muscle and bite in like it’s the first time, allowing those creative tastes to cleanse your palette? Do you live with the level of grit that you get yourself back to the gym day after day after day BECAUSE you want to meet that resistance face to face?

Because the more you meet that resistance…

And dig in…

And get back to the table…

Day after day after day…

You are literally training your brain to reign, like the badass Queen you were born to be.

You grow faster BECAUSE you get back to the table, failure after failure. Sure, there may be some brushing off to do. But you immediately dive back into your meal.

Whether it’s heading back to that metaphorical gym of your laptop day after day. Or sitting back down to tackle that elephant of a novel you’ve bene working on.

You go all in. You do the work. As if the shit-storm of failure never happened.

And know you are stronger, wiser, more experienced, more knowledgable, more Queenly because it did.

So if you’d like some more strategies to master your mindset so you get to the table faster, then jump on my Cyber Mom-Day Bundle…

You’ll get 26 hours of mindset reprogramming, life up-leveling, time management systems, and NLP sales and communication strategy video training to get you into your feminine flow of creativity...

So you can bounce back to the table faster after eating shit.

If you’ve struggled with resilience, if you’ve let failure, and eating shit, and mistakes hold you back, now is the time to go all in!

For your business…

For your family…

For your mother effing creativity!

Because that is what you were born to do.

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It’s time to get back to the table after all the shit you’ve been through. You got this.

And, if you know a fellow mama who is struggling with creating the life, dream, business, baby she has been talking about. If you know someone who has gone through the shit and is having a tough time getting back up, please share this with them.