Mindset Makeover

Time to Step Into the Arena with Fear (and Brené Brown)

Are you still letting fear hold you back from releasing that blog or launching that business or like me, publishing my book? Learn why you must step into the arena with me and Brené Brown and call down Fear from your throne to face you now.

Become the Resilient, Creative Mompreneur You Were Born to Be

Ever wonder how eating poop and creating a business are EXACTLY the same? Learn from Kimberly’s tragically funny life lesson on how you can sit your butt back at the table and lean in, after eating a mouthful of shit.

How to Balance the Rising Feminine Energy and Masculine Energy

Have you been operating in the masculine energy of do-do-do? Ever wonder what is the Feminine energy? Learn how Oprah’s 2018 Golden Globe speech and #metoo sparked a conversation that can grow into accepting a balance between both the rising feminine and the masculine energy that has dominated society for millennia.

13 Reasons Why I'm Thankful for Your Mistakes

Sometimes that desire to be perfect, and for everything to be perfect keeps us from realizing the gloriousness that is our mistakes, and our mess, and our failures, and how each of those can be turned into an asset. This Thanksgiving, learn why I am grateful for each one of your fuck-ups, fears, and doubts.

How to Be More Confident

Do you find yourself backing down, when you know you should speak up? Or maybe you’ve been putting off that business...for years...because you just aren’t feeling confident yet? Discover how to work your confidence muscle like you would your bicep here...