You are worthy of your spotlight. Now, stand out + sparkle.


Too long have you been exhausted from trying to prove yourself. Too long have you felt like you're never enough. Too long have you wasted time pleasing people who don't have your highest magnificence at heart. Too long have you deflected your focus onto your body. Too long have you agonized over being perfect. 

It's time to rule your life.

Here's my secret: you choose to rule. Change is a choice. I'll show you how to stop self-sabotaging your body + your relationships for the sake of your business success.

Choose to have it all. because you can.



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I'm Kimberly Spencer, NLP Breakthrough Coach for go-gettin' business women who, on the outside, look like they've got their shit together. But deep down, they feel like they're never good enough, they're always trying to prove themselves, and they feel like a fraud. I help women stop the self-sabotage + and B.S. stories that keep them from having the ALL that they want in life - body, business, and relationships. 

seriously, who says you can't have it all?

It's probably you. It's that little voice that creeps inside your head + poisons you with doubt and fear. She's a cheeky one, though - a shapeshifter. She'll morph into people you love, like your mom or your dad, planting little seeds of impossibility in your unconscious mind. Telling you that you're not enough - not perfect enough, not smart enough, not skinny enough, not working hard enough, not lovable enough. She tells you things like you CAN'T have success without the stress. That you CAN'T have a family AND have a thriving business. That you CAN'T put yourself and your health first. That you CAN'T have ultimate freedom. 


My dear Queen, it's time to silence that bitchy inner critic and take back your throne. You deserve to have it all - the body, the business, AND a life that freaking rules!


Together, we eliminate the limiting beliefs + negative emotions that are holding you back from having the ALL you truly desire. All the freedom. All the love. All the success. All the money. And, all the time to be able to enjoy it all. We transform you from a people-pleasing perfectionist who's a slave to everyone else's opinion, to Queen of your life. 

the only one in your way is you.

We tune you in to what your body deflection + control issues really mean. We stop you from self-destructing in other areas of your life - your body + your relationships - for the sake of your business. We transform your perception that the power is outside of yourself and in other people. We get you out of your own way, so you can start pioneering your holistic success. 

So, if this sounds AMAZING:

  • Transforming that inner critic into your inner cheerleader
  • Rising above the expectations others have set for you.
  • Having the husband, kids, house (or maybe even multiple homes in places that you love)
  • Being able to disconnect from your business + reconnect with actually having a life
  • And finally feel confident as your authentic self




That's what she said

Kimberly changed my life. Her courageous example helped me to finally find the strength to overcome my eating disorder. Making that change has dramatically improved every aspect of my life. I’ve switched careers, found love, and done things I thought were impossible - with many thanks to Kimberly Spencer.
— Rachel J. Newell, Writer + Stand-Up Comedian
You know how when you find THE best anything, you will follow them to the ends of the earth? Well, Kimberly is that person for my needs! She’s passionate about helping you achieve your goals. She also has such a positive attitude that is so infectious that you can’t help feel invigorated and happy. For the first time in a while, I am comfortable in my own skin. I cannot recommend Kimberly enough.
— Melissa Wang, Business Production Manager at Zed, Inc.
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