Queen-B Business Building Package

“Your greatness is only limited by the number of investments you make in yourself.” ~ Grant Cardone

This isn’t for everyone. This is for service-based entrepreneurs who desire to kickstart their business, turn pro, be wildly productive, and get their projects out of their mind and into the world in 2019. This is for you if you desire to start profiting from that mass of knowledge, experience, and skills that you have in NOW.

You’ve had lots of dreams. You have so many ideas. You’ve built the website. And you may even have some products and services in the works. You know all that knowledge you have is valuable. You just don’t know how to do it….or, frankly where to start.

Here’s where I come in...


I’ve spent over $60,219 on my business education...so you don’t have to.

This has helped me build 3 successful businesses, from an e-commerce store, to a brick and mortar Pilates studio, to now, Crown Yourself, my coaching, consulting and digital education based company.

In the past year alone, I’ve launched 11 products, 4 programs, build hundreds of funnels, consulted on several websites, and coached tons of women (and a few men) to reach their next level of performance and prosperity.

And, we increased our income by 354%!

...while raising my son from birth to toddlerhood...without a nanny.

I’ve created a life where I get MORE done, have MORE location freedom, and have MORE time to spend with my family.

And you can too.

That’s why I’ve created this package, for the Queen-B in you. (That’s B for BUSINESS, babe.) It is my deepest desire to get YOU and your business making MORE money, and impacting MORE people in 2019.

It’s 6 months of coaching, mentorship, consulting, and strategy all rolled into one bundle that will 3X your productivity and your profits.


Craft Your Story

This is where my background as an award-winning screenwriter comes in handy. We will dive into the depths of your main message to create and hone your signature story. We will combine all those glorious passions of yours - health, empowerment, education, writing, film - into one holistic business that MAKES SENSE.

Goodbye confused customers who have no idea what you’re about. With this package you’ll get CLARITY. On who you are, what you’re selling, what you’re offering, and how to market it in a way that makes you money.

Create and Attract Your Ideal Customer

When you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one. Once we are clear on your core message, we will dive into the exact person you desire to attract in your business. You know, the one who whips out their credit card with ease to buy your products and services? Yes, it can and does happen.

But only when you are CRYSTAL clear on your own boundaries, your marketing message, and your money mindset. All of which we dive into here.

Shift Your Social Media and Systems

Together, we will build and create systems in your business that will create ease (and passive income...YEAH!). From email lists to social media, we build ease into your business so you have more freedom and more time to spend with your loved ones, while your business operates while you sleep.

Build Your Offers (and SELL them!)

We will dive into how you can craft every offer from $29 a month membership groups to $10,000 premium transformational packages, that will literally change your clients lives. We will develop a custom sales strategy so selling no longer feels sleasy, but actually...dare I say...sexy and spiritual.

It is my deepest desire for you to not only start making more money by session 2 or 3, but also for you to have made back your investment AND THEN SOME by the end of the 6 months. This means, we’ve got some work to do, but it doesn’t have to be hard…

Creating Ease in Your Business

Because this is where mindset comes in. After all, success is 80% mindset, and 20% action. Over the next 6 months you will be taking massive action, and we will align your mindset EVERY session so you start getting those results.

Increase Your Sales Up to 300%

You will learn the only scientifically proven methodology to increase your sales up to 300% and PREDICT your customers buying behavior in less than 90-seconds, as taught by the #1 Relationship Sales Dynamics coach in the world (who just happens to be my amazing hubby), Spike Spencer.

By knowing your customers BANKCODE™, you will be able to communicate to your customers values, tapping into EXACTLY why and how they buy, so they will buy from you.

Authenticity Reigns

Most importantly, you will tap into the authentic best version of yourself and pull it forth in your business. No more feeling stale or “like all the other people” in your field. You will create an authentic business that sparkles and reflects your own glorious vibrancy, vulnerability, and highest and best authentic self.

No more feeling like you’ve got to be a buttoned-up version of a “businesswoman.” You get to create a personal brand and a business and life that you are wildly obsessed with, BECAUSE it is an extension of who you truly are.

Here’s How it Works

No.1 - Commit to Making the Next 6 Months the Most Profitable and Productive EVER

It all starts with intention. You’re going to be working in new ways, and sometimes that can be scary because you won’t always know HOW to do something. But, I am going to be with you through every single step. But, when you commit to going all in, you will see new results. You will be more productive. You will be more profitable.

Set your intention now.

No.2 - Bi-Monthly Sessions with me for 6 Months

This is 12 sessions, one every other week. This allows you the time to do the time to implement the step-by-step systems in between our sessions. You will have plenty of time to take action, and I will be with you for email support 24/7 in between. So for any questions, comments, concerns, or celebrations, I will be there for you within 24 to 48 hours.

No.3 - DropBox Those Goodies for Review

You will also get your own personal Dropbox for all the tasks. So any marketing copy you want reviewed, any website copy you write, any images you take, any sales pages you write, all of those can be added to your Dropbox and be personally reviewed by me.


What You Get…

Aside from taking your whole business to the next level and massive transformation, here are the details of what you get when we work together in this package. You have 6 months to use all the sessions.

  • 12 x 60-minute sessions with me every other week (value $8,400)

  • 2-hour Congruence Consult On Your Inner + Outer Expression of Yourself in Your Business (value $994)

  • 1 x 60 minute sales training with the #1 Relationship Sales Dynamics™ coach in the world, Spike Spencer (value $833)

  • 1-Ticket to Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy in September 2019 (value $997)

  • Access to any digital course I release over the next 6 months

  • 24/7 VIP email access to me with response within 24-48 hours on business days.

Total Value: $11,224


80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. According to the International Coaching Federation, individual clients reported a median ROI of 3.44 times their investment. 

So what if you were to make $38,610 because you chose to invest in yourself for 6 months? That's a kickass ROI, right?

But don't worry, this package is NOT $11,224.

For You…

aside from saving $3000, GET MASSIVE BONUSES WHEN YOU PAY IN FULL!

  • 1 Year VIP Membership to The Princess Process (value $1,188)

  • 1-Hour Confidence Voice Training with Spike Spencer (value $500)

  • 1 B.A.N.K. Sales Page Copy Makeover ($497)

Total Value: $2,185

Next Steps

If you've made it this far, you're probably wondering if this is right for you. Leaps of faith can be scary AF. And this is a big investment. I know it's an investment that will transform your life, align you with more passion and purpose than you've ever had before, and I know that it can catapult you into the life of your dreams.

I don't want to convince you. Trust your gut on this one.

Here's the beauty, you don't have to do it all on your own anymore. 

It's totally normal to feel afraid before making a big leap like this. Feel the fear. And take the next step anyway.