Ep.4 - Mastering Your Time with a Toddler When You Work from Home with Rachel Everington

Productivity hacks and overcoming mom-guilt tips from an Executive Ninja.

Have you ever seen a work-from-home mom with a thriving business, healthy baby, and loving marriage and wondered "How the F&*^ does she do it all?" In this episode, Kimberly interviews of The Princess and the B, Kimberly interviews former corporate legal assistant turned digital executive assistant and work-from-home mompreneur, Rachel Everington.

In this episode, you’ll learn Rachael’s 20-50-100 Productivity Rule for working from home with toddlers, how being a woman can be an asset for your business, and what to do when mom-guilt just doesn’t want to go away.

Some questions asked: how has being a woman helped you in your career, how does what you wanted to be as a child tie in with what you are doing now, and if your palace had a curse jar, how much money would you have to put in it on a daily basis?

Catch the episode to learn what the 20-50-100 Productivity Rule is, and how you can apply it in your working mom-life right now.

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