Ep.5 - Are You in an It's Complicated Relationship with Your Business?

It Might Be Time to Get Engaged to Your Business

Everything in life is a relationship. You have a relationship with your body. A relationship with money. A relationship with your partner. A relationship with God/the Universe. And, yes, even your business.

What would your Facebook relationship status be with your biz?

Most beginning entrepreneurs struggle because their relationship with their business is not defined. It’s open or it’s complicated. Just like with any relationship, it takes courage to speak up for your needs and to share your relationship status with your friends.

In this episode, I use the metaphor of my own relationship process with my now-husband, Spike, from single to dating to “committed."

You'll learn how to change your relationship status with your business, so that you get to more profit, more support, and more impact, why it's no one else's responsibility to understand your dream, and the one tool you need in order to move from "it's complicated" to "it's serious" in your relationship with your business.

Catch the episode to learn where you are in your business, and how you can apply it in your working mom-life right now.

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