Ep.9 - The Productivity Power of Saying "No"

The Productivity Masterclass to 10X Your Progress Toward Your Purpose

Productivity is one of the TOP topics I get asked about as both a mompreneur and a high performance coach. That’s why today I am giving you my BEST masterclass for FREE on how to 10X your productivity with one little word, “No.”

This is one of the hardest words for people-pleasing women to master, but it is essential if you desire to move your projects, progress, and profits further this year than ever before.

In this episode, you’ll learn why lack of clarity is killing your progress (3:30) the secret to achieve ultimate productivity (4:30), why your unconscious mind needs clear directions in order to manifest into reality (8:30), what are the top, how to shift your to-do list from being overwhelming and neverending into a to-DONE list (15:05), what the 2:1 Rule is for Project Productivity (20:00), how “no” equals a greater commitment (26:00), what your priorities and purpose have to do with productivity (27:00), how to align your time and tasks in order to make the most progress (32:00).

I also mention a book (that I couldn’t remember the name of for the life of me...until now).  You can download Scott G. Halford’s book, “Activate Your Brain” HERE

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