Ep.13 - Red Light, Green Light, Go! My Mompreneur Secret to Getting S**t Done

10X Your Productivity Make Being “In Flow” Fun!

Discover how I use a calm, playful, intuitive guidance to get more done versus the more masculine “forcing” energy behind the "I have to" myth.

As a mompreneur, I have not only 10X'ed my productivity (with a baby), but also gamified the process to maximize my time and make it more fun!

In this episode, you’ll learn, why following your intuition is better than forcing a plan (4:44), what the belief of “have to” is doing to your power (6:00), the paradox of flow and form and sticking to a schedule (7:00), how to shift your energy around time (9:30), dancing with the do-ing (12:09), how creating from the energy of “not enough” time will pull you farther away from (15:00), why getting a sense of play in your productivity will shift you into expansive creativity (18:34), what a childhood game of red-light, green-light will do for your productivity (23:00), how to maximize time with a toddler (25:00), the one question I ask to get to my goals faster (28:00).

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