Ep. 14 - Make It Reign and Sell Your Business! with Marla DiCarlo

Reign in Your Numbers, Maximize Your Value, and Position Your Business Like a Bossbabe

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Kimberly Spencer interviews business consultant, serial entrepreneur, and CEO of Raincatcher, Inc. which helps small business owners buy and sell their businesses, on the how, when, and why you should consider selling your business. Raincatcher was rated by INC. Magazine as the number one business broker to work with for buying and selling businesses.

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Marla makes understanding your numbers as simple as understanding the story of your business. The numbers are your guide.

In this episode, you’ll learn how growing up in an entrepreneurial household helps set you up for greater business success (2:00), the secret to selling without being sleazy (6:50), how to use your ambition and drive as a woman as a tool (10:30), what numbers an entrepreneur should pay attention to (14:00), understanding the story of your numbers (16:30), why our self-worth is not attached to money (21:00), why education of numbers, KPI’s, analytics and money, is the best way to combat fear of your numbers (26:00), what buyers are looking for with your brand or business (29:00), how your business is not your baby (34:00), why crafting a culture is key to creating a sellable your business (41:00), and how being a woman can be an asset as an entrepreneur (47:00).

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