Ep.15 - Manifest Abundance Using the #1 Improv Comedy Principle

How to Balance Singing, Songwriting, Coaching, a Movement, Four Kids, a Husband and Being Sexy without Shame

In Improv Comedy, there is one rule "Yes, And." In this episode, Kimberly Spencer shares how to apply this rule to all areas of your life in order to manifest more miracles, abundance, and alignment in all areas: body, business, and relationships.

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EMPIRE BUILDERS! Holy moly was I scared and nervous, and excited to share this episode. This is the first episode after my BIGGEST breakthrough yet, that literally was the glass ceiling that was holding me back...for my entire life. And it turns out, after working with tons of women, and the response I’ve been getting from the interview I did on the Hyper Conscious Podcast,  I wasn’t only one with this self-limiting belief. Thousands of women and men who have experienced trauma - whether physical, emotional, sexual (or all three) forms of abuse - experience this as well.

In this episode, you’ll learn the deep-seeded belief about deserving that took me 5 months to breakthrough (1:30), why we as women get stuck in an either/or belief (4:30), what is the imprint period (6:00), what improv comedy has to do with manifesting your dreams of having it all (10:00), how a “yes, but” and “no” are stopping the scene of your dreams from unfolding (14:00), what  turning down suggestions from the Universe looks like (16:30), why you’re contracting when you’re staying where you are (18:30), how to destroy the belief that it either has to be your kids or your business (23:00), and you’ll discover the BIG “no’s” that are holding you back from all that you desire (25:00).

Listen to the Hyper Conscious Podcast Interview here: http://bit.ly/hyper-conscious-podcast

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