Ep.16 - Ruthlessly Committed to Your Life’s Vision with Luci Lampe

How to Balance Singing, Songwriting, Coaching, a Movement, Four Kids, a Husband and Being Sexy without Shame

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In this episode, Kimberly Spencer interviews the amazingly talented, multi-passionate sexy mama, Luci Lampe. A mom of four, wife, speaker, coach, author of Achieving Sexy and The Sexy Mama Manifesto, and The Sexy Mama Morning, and founder of the Sexy Mama Movement and co-founder of Ruthlessly Committed, with her husband Ryan, Luci is daring to take her vison to the next level with the release of her first album in 7 years, BARE. Through deep coaching,  she helps clients discover their life purpose and create thriving relationships. Her work has been featured on the Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur.com, CBS, and Fox.

You’ll learn how to follow your inspiration and your heart (4:30), what to do when you have four kids and feel unsupported by your spouse (8:30), how your body will show your stress (9:30), why you have to face your shame to have integrity with yourself (11:30), how brutal honesty is key to living in integrity (18:30), why you must shift yourself first (22:30), why you need to unleash and release the dark side (26:30), how to start getting up at 4:30AM (31:00), what ketones can physically unlock for you (39:00), why you don’t have to stick to just one thing (42:00), how micro-failures can deteriorate your confidence more than epic failures (45:00), and so much more.

Listen to Luci’s latest song, “New Normal” on iTunes. LISTEN HERE.

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