Ep.17- Your Spiritual Secret Weapon for Success

This B is the Biggest B of All and that’s Belief

Kimberly Spencer dives into the key area for success: belief. Belief in yourself, belief in your purpose, and why your secret spiritual weapon for success is consistency.

You’ll learn why the B of belief is the biggest belief of them all (1:30), what the Law of Divine Compensation is (2:30),  what the consistency of the laws of the Universe has to do with your business (7:30), why saying your’re NOT going to do something is going to give you the wrong results (8:30), what attachment to form does to your results (11:30), what to be consistent with and what NOT to (16:30), how to NOT play small with what you’re being consistent with (18:00), how inconsistency is destroying your ability to manifest  (19:30) and so much more.

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