Ep.11 - Why I Shifted My Identity to Becoming Elle Woods

How to Get Crystal Clear on Who Your Future Self Is, Even If It’s Based on a Fictional Character

This episode is a GAME-CHANGER. If you are ready to start seeing results fast, this is the ONLY way you can change. No, you don’t have to become Elle Woods too? But you do have to change your identity - how you think, what you believe, how you feel, what triggers you have. Everything you want is totally possible - the body, the business, the babies, the bank account, the boys - but you have to shift who are you in order to receive it. Because, let’s be honest, if the current you was able to receive it, you would already have it.

It’s not what you want. It’s who you have to become in order to manifest it.

That’s why in this episode we dive into getting you crystal clarity on what you want and who you need to become in order to get it. In NLP, there is a thing called “modeling” where you “model” or adopt the specific behaviors, habits, thought-patterns, and feelings of the personal you’re modeling. Now, I don’t believe this person that you’re modeling has to be a real person - it can be fictional, like Belle, or Elle Woods.

In this episode we dive into stepping into the habits and beliefs of the person you want to become (2:30), why your mentors don’t have to be real people (4:00), how to use movie characters as your modeling must (6:30), why you should try on different characteristics and beliefs to see if they fit for the Future You (8:09), who do you want to be (9:58). how to amplify the habits that  have already made you successful in some area (13:00), what to ask your Future Self so that you get what you want in the present (15:30), how I magnetize massive opportunity my way using this ONE  simple habit (19:30), why showering daily helped me achieve my goals faster (21:30).

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