Ep.21 - Why I Don't Hyper-Edit Myself (or My Podcast)

The Perfectionism Paradox that Will Set Yourself Up for Consistent Success

Do you struggle with hyper-editing yourself? Are the tasks of marketing your business - writing the blogs, releasing the podcasts, editing the Youtube Videos, whatever they are - taking an exceptionally long time that you’re kind of avoiding doing them?

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In this episode, I share the things you should look at when you feel resistance around releasing something in your business (3:33), the fears I ditched to save time (4:44), how to be able to get people to love your authenticity (5:44), what your perception of time does to your projects that you’re avoiding (7:00), how your habits can be destroying your productivity (8:30), how to handle typos and blips in your marketing copy (10:00), why you NOT showing up a little messy is perpetuating a culture of perfectionism (12:00), what eating shit has to do with your consistency in showing up (14:00), the psychological paradox that is why Jennifer Lawrence is more popular than Anne Hathaway and how that applies to your business (15:00), how showing your messiness is actually inspirational (18:00), and so much more.

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