Ep.22 - Making Marketing Magic with Sarah Lorenz

How to Sparkle, Stand Out, and Simplify Social Media in Your Business

Struggling to market yourself online? Are you stuck in the mystery of social media and aren’t sure how to navigate the waters? Not sure which platform is best for your biz?

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I cannot tell you how excited I was to bring on Sarah Lorenz. While this program was originally recorded inside my high performance group coaching program, The Queens Way, I couldn’t NOT share it here on the podcast, simply because Sarah’s information, tips, and tricks will totally take your business to the next level.

Sarah Lorenz is a social media strategist for coaches.

After the success of her blog about her outdoor “cowgirl” adventures, she became a professional blogger and social media expert. She now helps elite coaches land their ideal clients through her social media and advertising strategies.

In this episode, you’ll learn why you have to be authentic on social media to turn leads into clients (7:30), how claim your personal brand online (10:10), why leading with fun is foremost in marketing (12:00), how many platforms you should use (16:00), what your “have to” beliefs are doing to your results (17:00), how to make an offer on a livestream (21:00), what to produce on your Instagram and Facebook stories (27:00), the best balance in your stories between promotion and progress (29:00), how to use screenshots to simplify social media testimonials (33:00), what mindset has to do with showing up on social media (36:00), why entrepreneurs should be using Facebook ads (40:00), the first step to navigating Facebook advertising (44:40), how to profile your audiences (48:00), the number one secret to success with advertising (54:00), and so much more.


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