Ep.23 - Is it Time to Stop Your Self Care Routine?

When Your Mani/Pedis Become Part of the Disease to Please

Kimberly shares her 4-month experiment of ditching her self-care routine of manis-pedis,  in order to show up with greater self-compassion. Discover when or if, you need to make some changes to how you show up for yourself.

A message from Kimberly…

OMG, I was literally shaking to share this with you. Yet, because I do believe this is a massively powerful breakthrough that you too can have in regards to your own self-care routine (and since I’ll never deprive someone of getting to their next level with a badass breakthrough) enjoy!

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In this episode, you’ll learn why I stopped getting mani’s and pedis (3:00), what the anti-self care is (4:30), how you can wake up and look fabulous (6:30), why I struggle still saying I was “raped” (8:30), the difference between the masculine and feminine energies (10:00), how I remedied my ability to receive (12:00), how to know when self-care goes wrong (13:00), understanding the programming behind “don’t show off” or being “selfish” (15:00), how to practice the art of receiving (16:00), what to do when self care goes awry (18:00), the major breakthrough you can get from the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” (19:00), how to add an extra bounce in your step (21:00).

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