Ep.24 - A New "Mind-FULL Meals" Chapter: Food is Food

Why You Must Remove Morality from Your Food Choices to Reclaim Power Over Your Body

Kimberly Spencer reads a chapter from her upcoming book, "Mindful Meals: How to Dethrone Food Fears and Reign in a Body that Rules" coming out on September 4, 2019. Learn how to remove the guilt and shame from food. CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY.

A message from Kimberly...

After struggling with bulimia and disordered eating for nearly a decade, this book is exactly how I reprogrammed my mind, transformed my body, and shifted my identity to someone who loves what she sees in the mirror. It is my sole + soul intention from this book, that by reading it a piece of cake will hold no more power over you than a piece of spinach. You will start to see food and yourself differently, through the eyes of love, instead of beating yourself up with guilt and shame.


This chapter is an excerpt from Section 4, “Guard Your Gates,” Chapter 1: “Be the Gentle Watchwoman of Your Words.” I talk about my experience teaching these concepts of how your language is a comman to your suconscious mind to a college classroom in California in my signature “Body Language: How to Rule Your Body + Crown Yourself” lecture.

In this episode, you’ll learn why Cheetos are not good and butterfingers are not bad (3:00), what the perception of cheating is doing to your unconscious mind (5:00), how you can think about food to remove the morality (6:30), why eating “bad” food is making you feel worse (8:00), how your body responds to eating something “bad” (9:30), why you must shift your mindset to eat ice cream (10:30), how to reclaim your power of choice (12:00), the exercise to take you your power back from food fears (14:00).

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