Ep.20 - It IS Sacred and It's NOT.

Why Your Creative Projects Must Be Taken Off the Pedestal and Put Through the Seasons

Do you ever fear releasing a product because it feels super sacred?

In this episode, Kimberly Spencer discusses the seasons of creativity and how to overcome your fear of it "not being perfect" so that it instead serves.

You will learn why high performers put their creativity on a sacred pedestal (3:00), how the movies have given you the wrong perception of labor (5:00), why you NOT sharing your gifts is selfish (6:30), the biblical parable that directly relates to your talents (8:30), what common excuses people use to NOT share their gifts with the world (10:00), how to use the seasons to manage your project and business growth (12:30), why Nature doesn’t worry when it’s winter (15:30), the only thing that is actually urgent (18:30), what to do to get through the “winter” seasons of your project or business (20:00), why you must asses what season your business or your project is in (23:00), how Kimberly shifted her attitude toward the “winter” seasons in her business (25:00), the secret to going into super bloom in your business (27:00) and so much more.

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