Ep.28 - Spice Up Your Relationships with Spike Spencer

How to Use FOODGAME to Achieve Success in Both Your Romantic Life and in Your Business

Spike Spencer is not only the bestselling author of "FOODGAME: A Man's Ultimate Recipe for Dating Success" but he is also husband to Kimberly Spencer (so he obviously knows what he's talking about.) GET HIS BOOK HERE NOW.

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If you haven’t seen Spike Spencer all over Kimberly’s instagram, get ready to get to know Kimberly’s amazing other half here.

Spike Spencer talks goofy for a living… Seriously. He is an internationally recognized, award winning voice actor and speaker, and the world’s #1 Master Trainer on Relationship Sales Dynamics™ - skyrocketing success up to 300% in business and dating/relationships simultaneously. He is a bestselling author, certified NLP coach, and a certified B.A.N.K.™ Trainer.

In the business world, Spike brings insights from over 20 years in the real estate investment world. He has flipped, wholesaled, been landlord and manager of millions of dollars worth of single family and multi family apartments. Using the Clear-Connect-Close strategies of his Relationship Sales Dynamics™ training, he helps entrepreneurs become more successful from the inside out. www.SpikeSpencer.com

He helps highly successful businessmen to achieve greater success in their dating life and relationships. He’s written for Neil Strauss, Men's Health, Your Tango, Singles Warehouse UK (Dating Expert), DatingAdvice.com, Carlos Xuma, and more. Through his fun dating/relationships website, www.DontKillYourDate.com, Spike is helping guys become better MEN, constantly improving themselves, and communicating with women; utilizing cooking, food, travel, humor and adventure as the medium. And Spike was also featured in a Netflix docuseries called “Being Dad,” by Chicken Soup for the Soul about becoming a first-time dad at the age of 50.

A personal message from Kimberly…


I figured, if I was going to start having men on this podcast, the first had better be my amazing, talented hubby. And what better week than on the day that his book “FOODGAME: A Man’s Ultimate Recipe for Dating Success” became a bestselling free ebook in two categories! I mean… #proudwifey BIG TIME. So of, course, I am Spike’s biggest fan, and I brought him onto the podcast because I do believe you will become a massive fan as well!

In this episode you’ll also learn how we applied the Law of Requisite Variety so we could get this podcast episode out to you (3:00), what FOODGAME is (5:30), why you must do more than just cook you must create yourself (7:30), how FOODGAME is different than any other self-improvement book out there on dating and relationships (9:30), what made me go over to a guy’s house on a first date (11:00), the BEST advice to manifest your dream relationship whether that’s romantically or to attract your dream clients and customers (12:00), why immediately going for a sale in business is like asking someone you first meet and are interested in to have sex with you (14:00), how we usually send our representatives or our “wedding selves” to a first date (16:00), how I manifested my man in two hours (17:00), what honesty really is in your relationships (19:00), why you always must be improving yourself (20:00), how to get the support you need when you’re stuck in the struggle (22:00), why you must order the pizza you want from the Universe (24:00), the most important question you will ever ask yourself (26:30), a practical exercise that you can do right now to get clear on what you want (27:30), why you must also do this exercise to manifest your ideal customer and clients (30:00), how to build your Inner Game vs. the “Pick-Up” Outer Game (32:00), what rejection does to a man’s brain (34:00), the cultural difference between when a woman says “no” in America vs in Italy (36:00), what The Cookie Analogy is and how it applies to getting dates and clients (37:00), how to use your 5-year old self to guide where you’re going (39:00), what the best pick-up line in the world (41:00), and so much more.

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