Ep.29 - You’re NOT “Behind.” You Are Right Where You “SHOULD” Be

How to Stop Feeling “BEHIND” And Start Manifesting Now

As high achievers, sometimes there are just so many things on our to-do list, it feels impossible to not feel "behind." Discover why feeling "behind" is putting you behind in manifesting your goals

Ep.29 - You are NOT _Behind._ You are Right where you _Should_ Be _ The Princess and the B Podcast - Pinterest.jpg

In this episode, you’ll learn why you are in the perfect position to act like Martin Luther King and take the next step (2:00), how I felt “behind” when I was 7 months pregnant (3:30), where negative emotions actually keep you (4:30), when it’s appropriate to focus on your business and when it’s NOT (7:30), the number one negative emotion that you’re repressing and that’s running your life (9:30), how a romantic relationship can be your best mirror to what you’re repressing (11:00), why procrastination only creates more procrastination (13:30), how to understand where you are in your own marathon (14:30), why you got to eat an elephant one bite at a time (17:00), what’s the first thing to do when you feel “behind” (18:30), why you must stop “should”-ing yourself (20:00), how your success can be a no-brainer (22:00), what “shoulds” have been holding you back (24:00), and so much more so you can take the obvious next step (even if you can’t yet see the finish line).

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