Ep.30 - From Zero to $30 Million in a Blink, with Blinkbar CEO + founder, Tirzah Shirai

How One SHEO is Scaling to a Billion Dollar Beauty Business Using Conscious Leadership

Kimberly interviews former director turned “accidental entrepreneur,” Tirzah Shirai, who created what she calls the "Starbucks of the lash industry,” by setting the standard for natural beauty while practicing conscious leadership as CEO of Blinkbar and scaling to over $30 million, in less than five years, with a plan to expand globally in the next five.

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Originally from what she calls the “Texas of Canada.” Tirzah is the CEO and founder of Blinkbar, a lash studio that specializes in masterfully-crafted lash extensions with customized application techniques, quality products, and best-in class customer service. Her clients include the Kardshians, as well as nearly every instagram influencer in Los Angeles.

Tirzah Started out as a film director who wanted eyelashes for her actresses on camera that would accentuate their eyes and look natural even in their close-ups. She calls herself an “accidental entrepreneur,” having tested the Blinkbar concept back in 2012 after seeing a need to be met in the lash industry and founding the company only a couple years later. In just a few short years, Tirzah and her team (whom she highly praises) have grown Blinkbar to 5 locations in California in  Calabasas, hermosa Beach, Sherman Oaks, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and are expanding globally in the next five years.

Tirzah set the standard for lashes by becoming “the Starbucks of Eyelash extensions” and has successfully scaled and positioned BlinkBar as a leader in the lash industry due to their consistency, excellent branding, and smart business strategy.

A personal note from Kimberly….

While I have had many a glorious guest on The Princess and the B in our 30-episodes thus far, Tirzah wowed me beyond words. Having known her in a past life, in both of our Hollywood careers, I have had the pleasure of watching her transform from film director into the leader of what I know will be a billion dollar brand. I wanted to know, how did she grow her business so rapidly from an idea to a $30 million dollar company that is going global in the next five years.

This left me, in my ever-increasing quest to learn - how the heck does she do it?

So, of course, I invited her onto the podcast.

In NLP, there is a concept called modeling. Meaning, when you see someone getting astounding results you “model” or “try on” how they organize their perceptions of the world. So you “try on” the beliefs, habits, qualities, thoughts, and all the things of the person so as to create a simplified model of their experience that we can then teach to ourselves and others.

This episode did just that for me. Not only does Tirzah deliver a masterclass on how to hire, grow, and consciously lead a team, but she shows how to do it while maintaining that glorious feminine-flow of ease.

Since this episode, I’ve…

  • Started reading the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership (and if the first chapter doesn’t have you cheering, I don’t know what will)

  • Read the Blinkist version of “Traction” and started implementing it with my own Queen Team

  • Let go of 2 team members because of my commitment to conscious leadership

  • Had several tough face to face conversations (that needed to be had)

  • Started doing the 5-minute journal every morning and evening (it’s amazing, especially as a mompreneur to get laser focused for the day!)

  • Received ridiculous clarity on my “ROCKS” for Crown Yourself.

My biggest learning from Tirzah was something her coach taught her, that the CEO is really the Chief ENERGY Officer, and that the energy of the leader ripples into all areas of the business

...And, that I need to get more 2-hour massages.

Ummm, can someone call, Heather Harris please?

In this episode, you’ll learn how directing a movie and directing a team are very similar (5:00), why jeans are like eyelashes (7:00), what being happy has to do with following your gifts (10:00), how traditional education can hurt the entrepreneurial spirit, the two school systems that could foster entrepreneurism (12:00), why you should stop apologizing for owning your power and your gifts (14:30), how Tirzah traded the word “failure” for “learning opportunity,” (16:00), why you must always hire people with high self-worth (17:30), what’s the difference between your “zone of genius” and your “zone of competence” (18:30), how you can spend 90% of your time in your zone of genius (20:30), why you must spend your time in your genius zone (23:00), the activity that you should do RIGHT NOW for the next week that will 10X your success (24:00), why it’s an amazing time right now to be a female leader (26:00), how men could learn from female CEOs’(29:0, why DOING LESS makes you a more effective leader (32:00), how to avoid burnout and honor the bad days when growing your business, what your number #1 priority needs to be as a leader (38:30), why you need to put rocks in before the sand (40:00) and so much more.

In LA? Experience the Blinkbar lash revolution for yourself. Book your appointment here: https://theblinkbar.com/

Watch Blinkbar expand from Southern California to a global brand on Instagram @theblinkbar



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