Ep.35 - Energize Your Confident, Bold, Motivated Self

Eliminate the Plagiarized Self-Limiting Beliefs and Step Into Your Power of Play

Energy is EVERYTHING. Learn how to eliminate the plagiarized self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being and exuding the energy of the confident, bold, queen that you were born to be. 

A personal note from Kimberly…

You’d think that people would come to me for coaching because they want their business to succeed. And they do. I’ve celebrated clients for both receiving their first $19 in passive income, to hitting their first $10,000 month, to booking their first clients FINALLY launching their business.

But their business is the front end problem.

What blocks most people from really experiencing success AND fulfillment (both are necessary to live happily, is their energy - how they go about it. How they experience life. How they experience their days. Are they as vibrant and confident? Or are they just waiting for the weekend to feel good?

Energy is intangible, and yet it is everything. Unlike when I was teaching Pilates, where you could see the results, the shift in energy when you tap into your confident, bold, motivated self is partly physical - you walk taller, smile more, are better for and with your kids and your spouse - but it’s mostly emotional - happiness, fulfillment. Unlike measuring your torso to see how many inches you’ve lost, the only way you can measure your progress with coaching or any type of transformation is on an emotional scale. How happy are you on a daily basis? How motivated are you on a daily basis? How present are you with your kids? Are you really there with them or are you mindlessly scrolling through your phone? How fulfilled are you feeling on a daily basis? Is sharing that post really bringing you joy or is teaching a workshop? These are questions we dive into in coaching. 

Business and life should be fun.

Sure, challenges happen, obstacles come up as they are meant to on the path toward any goal. The thing is, your emotional resiliency (aka your energy) and your attitude is essential to whether you achieve that goal or not in a way that really does bring you joy. 

Where is your energy driving you (2:00), why all your limiting beliefs are completely plagiarized (2:30), how Tony Robbins can help you know what you big driving fear is (3:30), what your childhood will show you about your authentic self (5:00), how you can tap more into the light that is already in you (6:00), how letting your man open your doors makes you a Queen (7:30), why you should add more play on the playground (9:30), how to eliminate the drama of the shifts (11:30), where to find confidence, motivation, boldness, vivaciousness (12:00), how to use the phrase “Well that happened, NEXT” to eliminate fear (13:00), how to go into play-mode in your business (14:30), my new membership program that well catapult you into a new space of leadership (15:00), why I look forward to Mondays like most people look forward to Fridays (18:00). 

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