Ep.40 - Sales Smackdown! The "I Need to Talk to My Husband" Excuse

A Common Sales Objection

Ever received the objection in a sales conversation that your prospect "needs to talk to their husband/boss/spouse" before they buy-in? Learn why you MUST overcome that objection in order to serve them. 

In this episode you will learn...

Why you should only sell to people when you have established value for your product? (5:15)

Why you should not listen to other people’s judgement? (7:20)

What happens when you have a relationship that’s interdependent and not codependent? (13:15)

How being scared of rejection and judgement can build up resentment? (15:00)

Why you have to show up for your goals and your dreams? (18:00)

Why when you see regret you will see deflection of power?  (21:00)

Why it’s your responsibility to get that sale when it is of service? (22:10)

The secret is to look at the patterns in your life as to where you have given up your power and where you have regretted it. (24:25)

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