Ep.33 - Kicking Out the Trojan Horses of Your Subconscious!

Recognize the 3 Secondary Gains that Keep You in a Place of Pain and Suffering and How to Quickly Shift Your Beliefs to Love and Wholeness

Every belief - even the self-limiting ones - serve a purpose, which Kimberly calls "Trojan horses." Learn how the Trojan horses of your subconscious mind are giving you psychological secondary gains in this episode and how to combat them.

This episode is based off of information I share in my new book, coming out in September 2019, “MIND FULL Meals: How to Dethrone Food Fears and Reign in a Body That Rules.” For exclusive insights, offerings, strategies in the book, and bonuses… PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!

In this episode, you’ll learn what a psychological secondary gain is and how it’s keeping you stuck (2:00), why you should deconstruct the Trojan horse and use the wood to rebuild your kingdom (3:00), how safety, connection, and acknowledgement are the oxygen to all beliefs (4:30), why safety is key for your core beliefs - positive and negative (6:00), how guilt, shame, and blame create community (8:00), what your unconscious mind is doing when it hears you talking crap about someone else (9:30), the BEST question to ask to change the way you’re connecting in your relationships (11:30), why I don’t listen to the news (14:00), how positive acknowledgement for your problems can reinforce your negative beliefs (16:00), why turning down compliments is putting blinders onto you receiving real acknowledgement (18:30), what to say to yourself to recognize the 80% of times you receive compliments and miracles (20:00), how my eating disorder served me for ten years (22:00), and so much more. 

Tell me, what are the secondary gains that are stuck in your subconscious?

Tell me in the comments.

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