Ep.37 - Are your Obstacles Your Excuse to Procrastinate?

Things come up on a path to any goal and it is a natural thing

You will learn...

 What is an obstacle and what is an excuse 3:00

It’s ok to have failures as long as you learn from them 5:30

Don’t allow obstacles to be an excuse not to get out of your cocoon 9:55

It is your job to work with your obstacle 12:55

If you let your dreams stay in the cocoon it can die and create negative feelings 15:30

You already are the butterfly you just need to strengthen your wings 16:40

Accept that fact that you’re in a cocoon 17:15

What are the walls of your cocoon that you need to push against in order to get to the place where you can spread your wings and fly 18:15

Assess what is your cocoon that you’re stuck in 19:15

Your dream has to be bigger than your fear 21:20

Stop using your obstacles as your excuse to not get outside of your cocoon 22:40

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