Ep.39 - Why You DESERVE to be Celebrated!

How You “Trying” to Do Something is Stopping You From Ever Succeeding

As Marie Forleo says, "What you appreciates, appreciates." Discover why you need to start celebrating your accomplishments more often, and how to do it in a non-baggy way that aligns with gratitude.

You will learn...

Why you are successful just because you showed up? (2:15)

What can you do to invest in yourself? (3:00)

Why we should celebrate the little steps that we take everyday? (4:15)

Why your appreciation for everything should be a regular thing? (10:00)

What happens when we don’t ask for help? (13:00)

What are the benefits of receiving coaching? (16:50)

Why you should notice what things are going right? (18:00)

How to shift from your unconscious realm to your conscious realm? (21:00)

Book Recommendations:

The Compound Effect

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