Ep.48 - When to Stop Listening to Your Husband

Not Everybody Thinks Like an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, who are you seeking counsel from? And if you're married to someone who "has a job" is that the best person to listen to? Or are you seeking counsel from people who Be, Do, and Have what it is you want? @crownyourselfnow

In this episode, you will learn…

What purpose fueled work are? (8:55)

Why you need to find people who are doing what you want to be doing? (10:15)

How experience is better than book knowledge? (10:45)

Why you need to look at who you are seeking counsel from? (14:00)

What can you do when you’re ready to gain traction in your business and start moving it forward? (16:30)

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The Princess Process

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Ep.44 - The MOST Important Investment In Your Business

Invest in Yourself!

When starting a business, normally every penny you earn goes back into that business. Yet so many beginning entrepreneurs invest in the most important piece of their business last and how that can be a recipe for disaster. @crownyourselfnow

In this episode, you will learn…

Why do beginning business owners tend to invest everything back into the business? (4:15) What is the importance of investing in yourself as a leader? (6:50)

How does having a business coach or leadership coach save a lot of problems? (7:30)

What will happen if you invest in yourself? (10:20) Why the CEO is the energy of a business? (13:30) Why having a coach makes a difference? (17:00) How does everything you do affects everything? (20:30) What happens when you have somebody who sees you as you are operating as the leader of your business? (23:30)

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Ep.5 - Are You in an It's Complicated Relationship with Your Business?

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