Ep.8 - IVF, Birth Control, Pregnancy, oh My! with Women’s Health Expert, Abigail Reagan

In this episode Kimberly interviews midwife, Arvigo massage therapist, and women's health expert, Abigail Reagan of Rebirth Midwifery in Los Angeles on natural childbirth, preparing your body for pregnancy, IVF, birth control pills, and so much more.

Ep.5 - Are You in an It's Complicated Relationship with Your Business?

What would your Facebook relationship status be with your biz? Most beginning entrepreneurs struggle because their relationship with their business is not defined. It’s open or it’s complicated. Just like with any relationship, it takes courage to speak up for your needs and to share your relationship status with your friends. In this episode you'll learn how to change your relationship status with your business, so that you get to more profit, more support, and more impact.

Ep.4 - Mastering Your Time with a Toddler When You Work from Home with Rachel Everington

Kimberly interviews former corporate legal assistant turned digital executive assistant and work-from-home mompreneur, Rachel Everington. In this episode, you’ll learn Rachael’s 20-50-100 Productivity Rule for working from home with toddlers, how being a woman can be  an asset for your business, and what to do when mom-guilt just doesn’t want to go away.